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  • Curt Berman "honest man" - It doesn't cure but it shortensAbreva is the only one that is FDA approved. It is still made in Germany
    The tube is deceptively small.
    But You only need a little at a time It's last a sufficient amount of time.
    I suggest that you do not apply it directly to the sore this may contaminate the tube. Apply using your fingertip and then wash your Fingertip
    Bottom line it works and you get what you pay for. Worth the price.
  • kimberleepolk - This product saved my FACE!I have used many products to clear up my adult acne with not much success but a lot of money spent! The doctor prescribed tetracycline and I was on that for years, they kept upping the dose to keep it under control and then that quit working altogether and who wants to be on that forever??? Then I was prescribed another product that I later found out was another line of Proactive at a lot higher cost and that my new doctor was one of their dealers!! so of course she prescribed it! I should have had miraculous results for the money but NO! I was frustrated and still had acne! So I some research for something more healthy and natural and found Exposed! Half the cost and with the money back guarantee, Why not? I tried it and Yes within 30 days Awesome results and I feel like I can use the products safely without all the harmful chemicals. It's gentle and it worked!! I love it! Thank you so much Exposed for saving my face! I am 46 and acne just doesn't fit in the lifestyle of a new Gramma! I have been recommending the product ever since to many women young and old because it saved me! PS The ordering is great, pick your date for your product to be sent out to you and change that at anytime- NO HASSLE - and/or order individual products as you need them! It has been a very good experience for me all the way around! Exposed Acne Treatment - Basic Kit
  • Frank Solis "Film Buff" - So far NIS is Fantastic!This is my first experience with a security suite. I considered three of them, Bitdefender, Kas, and Norton. After reading many reviews online on all of them, I picked NIS and I have not been let down. It works well with my computers and so far has not allowed any evil little things to penetrate its defenses. I also like there 24/7 support. I bought it as a download from amazon and I also like that fact that I can always re-download my product should I ever need to. These days you do not need just antivirus but a complete security system in order to stay safe online. I also like Norton safe search which allows me to see the sites Norton has already classified as safe, really convenient. So so far, I am very happy with this product and I am not a novice with security software. The download was available at a great price also. I feel comfortable surfing and i know that any security software can be beaten by criminals but with NIS, I feel I stand the best chance of protecting my computers. One last thing, it does not bug you all the time, like some security systems do, so I really feel I got a bargain, because NIS is a true winner!
  • Derek P. Gilbert "Author of The God Conspiracy" - The symbol that Dan Brown missedThomas Horn methodically dissects and analyzes the occult symbolism built into the layout, architecture, and artwork of Washington, D.C. and the Great Seal of the United States, concluding that 18th century Freemasons were aware of and influenced by such varied sources as the ancient prophecies of Apollonian sibyls, Egyptian mysticism, Sir Francis Bacon's utopian novel 'The New Atlantis', and the Mayan/Incan calendar.

    With all due respect to the reviewer who found this book to be a rehash of previously researched material, Horn's analysis of the Mayan and Incan calendars in the context of the Freemasonic symbolism suffusing Washington, D.C. leads him to a startling conclusion: the purpose of the layout of Washington, and especially the Capitol dome and the obelisk of the Washington Monument, is to effect a magickal "working" that occultists believe will result in the rebirth of a golden child -- Apollo/Osiris/Marduk/Nimrod -- who will herald the return of his father Saturn's reign.

    Highly recommended.
  • Amanda Riley - Toe socks, WEE!I'm transitioning to barefoot style shoes to help with some foot/knee/back problems, as well as using a toe-spacer called "correct toes". These socks are essential to the process. I also wear them with my yoga sandals (yes, that is some boss socks-with-sandals). I wear them for all my workouts and walking, and I'm going to buy more so I can wear them with all my footwear at all my activities. Yes it was wierd at first.