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Central Sydney Cardiology | Royal Prince Alfred Medical Centre, Sydney NSW, Australia - We are a group academic private cardiology consulting practice which provides a complete range of services, including consultations in our rooms at the Royal Prince Alfred Medical Centre, at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Strathfield Private Hospital.


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  • Joshua - Ignoring initial server issuesI'm ignoring the initial server issues this game had, because if you buy the game now you won't care what issues it originally had, since they've been fixed. The issue came from such a ridiculous amount of people downloading the client onto multiple computers. It was a bad first day, but it's been resolved, so who cares.

    The game is incredible. If you enjoyed Diablo II at all, I don't see how you could have an issue with the game. It's everything I wanted from Diablo III. Being online only is actually a bonus, as I can use my character on any computer with Diablo III installed. Play on my large computer, then if I go away for a weekend, bring my laptop and simply log in. Bam, there's my character, right where I left him.

    Skills are a huge improvement over Diablo II. Two versions of the same character can play completely differently, both in gameplay and appearance, using simply different skills. Hell, using simply different runes on skills feels different.

    The cinematics are mind blowing, but no surprise there. It just needed to be mentioned because...wow.

    The environments are incredible. The game play is fantastic. Play this game. Play it now. Play it often.
  • happy camper - It's a miracleFor the longest time I suffered with erectile dysfunction. I tried everything to help me break this horrible condition - pills, pumps, and pornography, to no avail. Then one day my life changed forever. I got tired of slicing my bananas like a caveman and decided that I needed something to help me. That's when I found the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer and oh boy am I glad that I did. I started using this dandy contraption and got a feeling I haven't had in a long time. I looked down in between bananas and lo and behold I had the hardest boner since I can remember. This thing had its own heart beat. I want to thank whoever invented this beautiful device. Not only did you save my sex life but now I have the perfect banana slices. Who could ask for anything more. It's like heaven on earth. I can't stop smiling.
  • Tracy R - Gave me my life back.I am 23 years old and young and naive at the age of 20 I let a doctor stick me on prescription after prescription of antibiotics for chronic bacterial infections over the course of a year and a half or so. I didn't know that I was practically poisoning myself. The medications damaged my skin and after a regiment of three prescriptions on a three week period my body never seemed to be the same. I suffered severe bloating, constipation, and other digestive problems. Even worse, I was still getting infections. I went to several doctors about my bloating and constipation and no one could help me. Some told me to drink more water and other told me to eat more fiber. I knew it was more than that. I did some research and my symptoms lined up with candida perfectly. I immediately stopped taking antibiotics, started on probiotics, and changed my diet. Nothing was helping and I was absolutely miserable. I spent hundreds of dollars on cleanses, enzymes, and probiotics. Some helped slightly but not enough for my to be happy. My uncle finally suggested fivelac and bought me a box. I had been skeptical before that because it had gotten very mixed reviews. I gave it a try and holy crap am I glad I did...I started on one pack a day. It took a week or so but my digestive system started working normally again and my bloating was almost nonexistent! I still have issues here and there, especially if I stop taking the fivelac but I'm always back on track when I start again. Fivelac literally saved my life! Just be patient with it, it works.
  • B. Elmore - Great, but questionable if its an improvement over the 2011 editionBelieve or not, about 100 pages of content were deleted between the 2011 edition and this new edition. The print edition of 2012 edition is 950 pages and the ebook edition of the 2011 edition is 1050 pages. The bonus chapters included in the DVD might make up from some of this deleted content, but definitely not all of it. I've been comparing my two editions and have found numerous examples of content that has been inexplicably deleted. In all cases, the deleted content had value. Note that the deleted content that I have encountered so far has not been entire chapters but a few pages here and there.

    The latest examples that I've encountered were sections called "Animation Using Expressions" and "MEL in Action: Quick Object-Reposition Script" from the chapter 5: Animation Techniques. I've noticed several deleted sections from the modeling chapters as well. As you work through those chapters, you might even notice the skipped steps, as new parts of the space suit that you didn't model suddenly appear in later steps.

    I can only assume some sort of page limit was imposed on the authors and they were forced to go back and hack and whack content. That must have been very difficult because there is no "fluff" that I've seen in this book. To add insult to (minor) injury, I have noticed very little new content (admittedly, I've only made it through the 5th chapter of the new edition).

    Don't get me wrong either edition of this book is more than worth its purchase price. I absolutely love these books, hence my 5 star rating. But from what I've seen so far, the 2011 edition might actually be the better edition! This is unexpected and disappointing. Normally, I would expect each new addition to be an improvement on the last. I'm not convinced that expectation holds true here.

    I typically prefer video training for software rather than books and was concerned that this book wouldn't be able to keep up my interest. I was wrong. It's very well constructed and I love that it includes completed project files for each step of the tutorials. I have gotten stuck in a couple of places and it's really nice to be able to open the completed solution and move on to the next steps.

    If you are brand new to Maya and looking for video training, check out Maya Fundamentals from 3DBuzz.com. Although its based on a much earlier version of Maya (6.5), most of it's content is still very applicable. It includes over 80 hours of training and is still considered the gold standard.

    UPDATE: I'm now in the middle of Chapter 13. I've noticed no additional missing content along the way (other than what I already mentioned), but I've noticed hardly any new content, either. In fact, one of the few new topics that I did notice (sorry, I can't remember the topic) was only briefly discussed and didn't include any examples. It felt tacked on and without enough substance to add any real value.

    Perhaps, the order of the authors of 2012 edition was changed because Todd Palamar made the few updates to this new edition and did so with less care than Eric Keller. Regardless, I stand by my original premise that this book is not much, if any, improvement over the previous version.

    Even so, my love of this book has not been diminished. This is by far the most valuable resource that I've come across for exploring the numerous features of Maya. You won't be a "master" by the time you finish the book, but you will have at least gotten exposure to almost every facet of the program.

    I stumbled in a couple of places in the book, most notably in the texturing chapter. No matter how hard I tried, my initial unwrapping of the giraffe's leg did not look like the picture in the book. In the end, it didn't matter, but at that point, I didn't know that and wasted a lot of time as a result. I also found the discussion and examples around subsurface scattering left me more confused than enlightened. But these were the exceptions rather than the rule. Most the examples are simple and straightforward and designed to illustrate a specific point with a minimal number of steps. I applaud the authors for taking this approach rather than taking you through a complicated project from start to finish, illustrating all of the features of the program along the way. I find the latter much more time consuming and monotonous to follow along, and in the end, less rewarding, since the final product isn't really your work anyway.

    It's taken me so long to get through, this book almost feels like an old friend that I'll miss when I'm finally finished. Of course, I'm sure that I'll be referring back to it constantly as I try to incorporate what I've learned into my own projects. If you've read this far, stop and just BUY THE BOOK!
  • EJ "EJ" - Pen of my dreams!The BIC Cristal is smooth and hairless. It does not sweat or smell bad. It does not throw socks on the floor. It didn't vote for Romney. You'll never seen this pen hogging the tv remote or channel flipping for hours. A BIC Cristal never drinks beer, or belches. I can take it out of the house without fear that it will scope out younger and hotter women.

    And most of all, it does not leave the toilet seat up!

    And that is why I'm divorcing my husband and marrying this pen. Thank you Amazon!