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  • Capit Arizona - Best version Thus far!I am so amazed with all the awesome things you can do with this. My top favorites would totally be the fact you can link it up with cloud and take it with you to go anywhere with the quicken App for your phone. No more losing receipts and waiting. I literally put in the transaction as i made it, (such as dinner out, movies, etc. etc. ) and the improved renaming and category rules auto fill it for me. Budgets are a breeze and connecting with your bank is 10x quicker than previous versions. It also auto-saves after every transaction just in case something happens. Graphs, charts and home page are extremely easy to read and you can break it down however low you wanna go. I would def recommend this to anyone that likes to keep track of their finances and likes to remain organized.
  • momo - nicethis is a really good tablet for a 3 years old kid ! i gave this to my nephew in christmas and he love it, the only bad about this is the leapfrog app store they dont have free games