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  • A. Ebel "gccradioscience" - If You Are A SWL,Ham, Listener This Book Is For You!

    I had to get my copy of the book and the best thing about Amazon is that the book looks like it's fresh off the press. I have to say this book is very useful for short wave radio listeners, hams, and engineers and technical professionals in the radio fields. When I hear a station I get the book out to help me identify the unidentified radio station. Soon I am going to use this book and radio to create a log spreadsheet. The bonus about this book is that it now lists VLF time signal when I was looking that long wave radio stations from Europe. If you are into radio and serious about radio then you must get this book because it's a very good reference. I have owned WTRH since 1993 and I am going to continue to order it for life.

  • Sally Jensen - Great service!

    Arrived early...thanks! Not sure the product works as well as doctor OZ predicted it would...but I sometimes forget to take it 30 minutes before the meal.

  • Daphne Jones - A near-perfect thriller

    I was feeling pretty good about myself because I figured out the major twist that comes in about halfway through the novel. But surprise! I didn't see the end coming *at all.* I should have seem it, though: Flynn plays fair with her readers and gives us everything we need to piece it all together; I just missed the clues on the first read.

    In short, Gone Girl kept me riveted to the end with its incredible twists and flawed but compelling characters. A near-perfect thriller.