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  • Charles Follett - Finally, some relief for golfers with back painThe thing I like best about this book is the clear connection between back pain and posture. I've always been athletically active; my number one passion has always been golf. But as I've gotten into middle age, it's taken a toll on my body. A sore back has been my constant companion. I've fought back pain with all sorts of remedies -- from using Advil, heating pads, back braces, mineral ointments, message, accupuncture, chinese herbs -- to excercise, yoga, pilates, and weight training. I'm almost embarrassed with the realization that it never occurred to me to start learning about how my posture affected the condition of my back -- but I'm very happy to have stumbled onto this connection.

    For the first time in all these years, I'm finally making some progress. My back is lengthening and softening. I'm not completely pain free but I like the way I feel in the morning when getting out of bed. Over the past 3-4 weeks I've seen more than a glimer of what is possible. The good news? I just have to pay attention to the basics of sitting, standing, walking, laying down -- stuff I never learned to do properly.

    Already, I'm finding I can complete a normal practice session without the dreaded after pain of hitting full shots at full strength, having learned some basic ways to protect my spine through the stress of the golf swing. Can you benefit from this book? Absolutely. I say that from personal experience and from having met and spent time with Esther. She is a master healer and master coach. What she says in person is exactly what she lays out in the book. She'd dead serious about eradicating back pain for those who will listen. Start by renewing your commitment to live without back pain. If the book doesn't do it for you, go see her!
  • European Roadster - BareMinerals all the way, from someone who's shopped aroundAfter using BareMinerals along side other face powders, I was very pleased with the product. It has a pearly quality that makes skin luminous, the same way highlights do for hair, and it feels light and doesn't cause acne.

    It is however, a bit more than I usually spend on cosmetics. After running out of the basic foundation, I decided to buy a drug store knock-off (Neturogena, I think) to see if it would produce the same results at a reduced cost ($10). It didn't: the feel of the powder was heavier and greasier, it made my skin look a monotone flesh color that made it seem unnatural, and worst of all, lead to break outs, meaning I had more flaws to cover.

    Now I am a complete BareMinerals covert, and luckily, through Amazon, the price of this superior product is within a few bucks of the knock-off.
  • E. Barron "alphabetjungle" - Great for general GRE test prepTo put this review in context, I am not applying to a super competitive grad school, so I am not looking to blast my score into the ultra competive range. That being said, I found this book superior for my purposes. My goal was to have a book that is going to familiarize me with the test and provide me with plenty of practice so that I can focus on areas of weakness. This book meets and exceeds that goal so I am very pleased with it.

    I found this book very easy to use for a number of reasons, over some other prep books I have used.

    First, the font and spacing between lines and columns makes it more readable than some other books I have. The paper quality is excellent and a nice shade of white unlike some more "newsprint-y" prep books I already own. The CD installed easily on my Windows Vista laptop, and I am no computer geek.

    Second the content of the book was presented in a very navigatable fashion, like most people who use these books, I'm guessing, I don't plan to read every word of every section. It is easy to get the sections I most want and to look at "Expert Exclusive" tips in the margin that point me to helpful information that will better equip me for the test.

    In addition to a practice test in the book, there is a diagnostic test online and other tests online and on the CD.

    These are just a few features of this book/CD/online companion--the ones I find most helpful. Check out the book description for other features if you want to know more.

    I recommend this resource.
  • Jordan - A WORK OF ART!!!!!This was the best concert that I had ever been to! I recieved the blu ray early from their main site along with the lithograph and I was more than excited to see the disc.It is not just a concert but also a documentary.It is very well arrange as the intermissions are played in between every 3 songs or so.The band talks about their experience with this tour and what they wanted to deliver to the audience.The concert and the intermissions are beautiful.It hits an emotional spot and reminds me why I was sad when there concert ended when I saw them in Dallas.I love the wrist band idea.It really does make the audience feel as if they are a part of the show and giving their own contribution to it.I find Coldplay to be very inspirational and I do hope that they will continue forever, if that were possible.This band has made a big impact on me and has a special place in my life.Be rebellious and get your spray cans everyone!
  • Toy Dad - What a magical toy-Fairies really can fly!Got this for my niece as soon as she saw it on TV she wanted it. It is pure magic, and so reasonably priced at under 30 dollars for so much fun and magic. The best way to launch the fairy is by pressing the button on the base. If it goes too high...or crashes, then just hit the button on the base and it stops. Very easy to fly and operate..others don't seem to have read the instructions as our experience has been perfect.