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  • Auntie Gin - wonderful guide for a magnificent vacationMilepost is essential for your BC, Yukon, Alaska trip. We enjoyed each part of the guide and all of the recommendations and side tours. I recommend its purchase to anyone contemplating a trip north. I am so glad we bought the book early so we were prepared for a May/June trip (smaller crowds) and had our dog's travel papers in order. The cover is now torn, papers well wrinkled, the big paper taped because of my constant referral.
  • Feenie - Rephresh yourselfThis is doctor recommended. It actually works as it says it will. It's a good preventative remedy too. 2 thumbs up!
  • K. B. Roskos "Tireman" - Gold Standard for Disneyworld VacationeersWe've been using Birnbaum's Guide since our first trip to DisneyWorld in 1983. Steve is gone now, but the crew that puts this guide together each year has held true to his legacy. This book is crammed full of information about everything you need to know about DisneyWorld. No piece of information is left out, from finding the hidden paintbrushes on Tom Sawyer's Island, to gravitating to the left hand lines and entrances in our right hand world,or where are the hidden Mickey's. Each time we plan our trip we start with Birnbaum's Guide! We also bought the children's version for our 8 year old grandson and he is using it to plan for his first trip to the world later this year.