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Canadian Bulletin of Medical History / Bulletin canadien d'histoire de la médecine - The Canadian Bulletin of Medical History / Bulletin canadien d'histoire de la médecine is the official organ of the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine/ Société canadienne d'histoire de la médecine and is the primary outlet in Canada for refereed


Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: R3B Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • George Mounce - A must read for anyone with back or foot pain!This book saved my back - literally. The easy to follow steps removed pain in my back and helped me to recover from a shoulder injury much faster by applying the principles every time I sit, walk, or lay down. I now sleep on my back and wake up on my back - a huge change from waking up on the same shoulder and having it in pain.
  • Sherry - Doable as well as DurableWhile I find the invitation to send my binder to Mr. Romney entertaining, I can't afford the shipping! You see my binder has chapters rather than tabs. I have been a busy little gal - Ch 1 I raised two children and maintained a home, and worked a job in a Republican bank owned and operated by a Republic corporation with a Republican glass ceiling. Ch 2 I managed to graduate cum laude from a "measly" state college with the help of my federally underemployed hubby thereby setting a good example for my children, because I still believed in higher education for them. Ch 3 We went into hock at Wells Fargo for a school loan to get teaching degrees; they promptly sold the loan to Nelnet which charges DAILY interest-and no one ever asked me if I wanted to do that. Ch 4 We both teach at poverty PUBLIC schools and are unable to qualify for forgiveness loans since that wasn't set up at the time we signed the Wells Fargo loan...and no one ever told me. Ch 5 My son committed suicide when he couldn't afford medication or doctors. He was schizophrenic and, of course, that was not recognized as an insured disease - until Mr. OBama. Ch 6 I am 67 and would like to look forward to retirement, but that's not in my future since I assist 3 families financially. When my doctor asked if I was ready to retire and take care of my health, I asked him if he was ready to fund my family, but he is too busy charging $250 for an office visit so that he can get $175 from our overlapping insurance companies, Blue Shield, AARP, and Medicare. Ch 7 Death....I will leave my binder to my daughter, who I am sure will figure out that she will be screwed at every opportunity by a system that doesn't give a damn whether she lives or dies.
    Someone once said that the privileged should not judge the lives of the not-privileged since they have no clue.
  • C. Mossaad - Exactly the stroller I've been wanting!!!! Better than the Moodd!!!I love this stroller. I cannot say it enough!! I got the Moodd hoping that all the new release reviews (from other sites) were right in saying it was the Buzz plus more... but it is not!! The Buzz has many better features that were just not improvements with the moodd:

    Easy to push, it just glides and maneuvers with a finger!
    Looks great!
    Good hood (could be bigger, but it is adequate)
    Great seat
    Goes truly flat!!
    Easy breakdown and setup (can't be beat and is worth its weight in gold (price))
    The straps are really soft and comfortable, my daughter loves getting in the stroller and refuses to get out! (she thinks it is her princessmobile)

    A bit on the heavy side, but I find it worth it for a stroller that pushes like this!
    No drink storage and the under stroller storage is a bit pitiful (looking to get the joovy parent organizer for it)

    Advantages over the Moodd: Can carry 50lb child, better hood, better and more comfortable seat, lies flat, the seat does not pitch forward, I like this bar better than the Moodd TBar, easier to unfold-one bar to move whereas the Moodd has 2 levers then a bar, no shiny plastic to get beat up and scratched

    Mood advantages over the Buzz: Different colors (not my priority), easier to recline the seat with one hand instead of 2 on the buzz, looks trendier.

    Overall the Buzz for us was a better option at a bit of a better price, although we were willing to pay for the Moodd, but it was not right for us for the above reasons (mainly the lack of a truly lie flat position and the weight limit..
  • bwschicago - always useful - highly recommendedthis classic job hunt and career choice how-to is my go-to gift for anyone thinking about changing jobs, careers or just trying to figure out their purpose in life. I give 1-5 of these out as gifts per year and re-read it myself in newer volumes every few years. Get yourself a copy now and do some of the suggested exercises. It will help.
  • chaos - Good price, good size, great speedThe hard drive is quiet, nice looking, and has high transfer speeds. It is easy to use and setup, and the software it comes with does its job as expected.

    There isn't much to say about this product in my opinion. It works like you would want it to: easy, fast, and hassle free.

    If you're looking for a portable hard drive, you can't go wrong with this one.