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  • J. White - Banana BreezeFor years, I've been using a knife to cut bananas, but, Chef'n Bananza Banana Slicer, I've finally found you. The nightmare of trying to attain straight and even cuts is over!

    Before the Bananza, I probably used half a dozen kitchen tools to try to cut my bananas, from a paring knife to a butter knife, to a chef's knife on a cutting block. I'm ashamed to admit that once I even resorted to using my fingers to break the banana into bite-sized chunks. Over 50 million years of evolution, for this?? Happily, I can leave all my knives in the drawer, because I now have one tool to rule them all, when it comes to slicing bananas!

    How many slices of banana would you like today? 1? Click. 2? Click, click. 3? Click, click, click. Oh I can go all day with the Bananza Banana Slicer.

    This is pure bliss.
  • Teresa T. Simmons "tiggerpets" - alignThis product works great for me. I take alot of medications and have experienced constipation but the Align has worked. Gentle on my system and I would recommend it to anyone who has a slow system.
  • J. Betts "Mr. Betts" - GREAT PRODUCT BUT.......I Live in Boston, Ma. and I have had this little gizmo for a few years. Each canister lasts a long tim even though my roommates also love it and use it every day. If your planning on carbonating anything but water, don't. You need to add carbonated water to juice or syrup, if you try to carbonate something like lemonade it will fizz up and over flow getting your machine all sticky. Good thing the Machine is so easy to rinse off/out.

    The only problem I have with this Product is not the machine, it's the company that sells the replacement canisters. Don't plan on being able to go to william and Sanoma and picking up one of the big Co2 Canisters, they only cary the small ones and they are always sold out. I am forced to deal with the Sodastream company and they really don't seem to be very concerned with the replacement cartridge side of things and they make "Exchanging" the bottles for the discount very chalenging. You need to leave the empty bottle on the porch where the delivery guy can find it and that's not exactly easy in the city. The company really seems like a gobetween because they have no idea what is going on with the cartridge delivery and can't contact them other than to tell them where to deliver to.

    I would recomend getting as many replacement Co2 Canisters as possible when you order because it's a hastle to replace them and you don't want to deal with that every 3-6 months.

    more stores have started selling the little canisters and getting refills is no longer a problem.
  • CxAgent - Highly recommend this book for anyone in relationship problems or considering getting marriedI think this book should be required reading for anyone currently having relationship troubles and ESPECIALLY for someone thinking about getting married. Some people may not like the way the information is presented. Some professionals in this area may claim it doesn't follow 'accepted practice'. But I found it to be invaluable information presented in a straight forward manner that cuts out the BS and jargon that usually prevents good information from being usable.
  • Sabrina - Exciting readRachel is an emotionally damaged woman who is afraid of love until she meets Police Chief O'Connell. They instantly have a connection, but struggle what to do with it, because O'Connell is working her case. "The Watcher" wants Rachel gone since she's the only one who knows what he did 25 years ago.

    Leigh tells the story with multiple prospective which helps you understand an empathize with the characters. it was exciting and great to read. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy.