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Country: North America, US, United States

City: Ashburn, Virginia

  • rustymac - Sturdy and collapsibleThis is a very sturdy travel seat. We recently traveled to Mexico on vacation, This seat folded up and packed in our luggage very nicely and once we arrived we attached it to a granite bar top in the kitchen and kept it attached the whole week we were there. It attaches to the counter very securely and is easy to wipe down after baby is finished eating. It is quick to attach to certain tables at restaurants. Just make sure the table is sturdy or the weight of your baby could cause it to topple over. Luckily we have not had any major accidents like that, but there was one close call.
  • Stephanie Sullivan - A good desktop referenceWindows Server 2012 Inside Out covers just about every topic about Windows Server 2012. The book is the very comprehensive. With this it is also a MASSIVE physical book. The literal size and weight of the book is a great argument for the Kindle version. The kindle version is also less expensive. When the book weighs more than your laptop or tablet it's time to go kindle!

    I could end almost this review by saying William R. Stanek. I have been a fan of his windows books for years and his authorship alone speaks to the quality of information within the book and its useful organization.

    This is a reference, not a "learn visually" or really a beginners book at all. It has everything needed to get someone with windows workstation experience up to speed on Server 2012 or help someone who has worked with an older version of Windows Server like me. The Stanek books on Windows Server have been very helpful for me when I go outside the subset of server management in my comfort zone or things I do on a regular basis. It's a great reference for those tasks that fall off my skill set without frequent use.

    For people moving from older versions of Windows Server, you get coverage of hyperv and new features with Server 2012.

    With any book there will be things where more information might be needed or some specialized situations that are not covered. Such is the case even in a huge work like this one. By the time I'm in that far out in the weeds I'm searching Microsoft support and Microsoft Technet to get those details.

    As with all the inside out books the printing and binding are fine quality. The tactile nature of the paper is a pleasure. The illustration and screen grabs are all B&W/grayscale which is appropriate for this type of book. The weight of the book means I want to read it at a desk, not sitting on the Sofa. It's just too heavy! Like I said at the beginning, I think that is the best argument to get the Kindle version.
  • Shana "That's my opinion- I could be wrong!" - Works great so farOne of our female dogs "Nellie" a 60 pound Walker coonhound likes to try to jump out of her kennel, and I got this to use on her collar. We live close to a very well travelled rural road and we are afraid if she gets out she might get run over if everyone is at work.

    So far this tracker is working very well. I love the text message feature so if I'm at work I can call my husband and let him know Nellie's out and a very close approximation of where she is.

    As other reviewers have stated the clip has came off Nellie's collar once. We added a tie just for more security and it seems to be holding up well.

    3 months of service is included after that it's $7.95 a month. Very reasonable. Mapping seems to be fairly accurate as well.

    Highly recommend. I also have one of the Garmin GPS dog units ($600) made for hunting dogs and of course this one isn't as exact, but for the price and just the more secure feeling you will have as a pet owner I think it is worth it.