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  • edwin ayala - Awesome book for people who know the basics!I am 31 yrs old and am an advanced user of CAD. I first got introduced to Revit in version 11 and drew up a simple plan. I found it frustrating at first cause I didn't know how to do simple things like detail a section dwg so I wasnt sure I could handle a "real" project.

    Well, with this book I now feel comfortable taking on a full blown job. Its very informative in many ways and a perfect guide for anyone who knows the basics.

    I look forward to using this book as a guide and I enjoy reading it also because I feel like I'm actually learning something new!

    The only thing I didnt like was the fact that the illustrations were in black/white and sometimes the authors reference colors when explaining something (i.e. datum colors, selected/unselected objects) it doesn't really make sense in that aspect.
  • Joshua M Kidd - Works greatHad to cycle my diet down and bring carbs to nearly a quarter of what they normally are for a boxing match upcoming. That means very little fiber going in and where regular, over the counter or off the shelf fiber supplements failed, this product hasn't. After about 3 days and around 12 pills consumed, on a very regular schedule of going #2. Has really helped with the bloating, stomach cramps and everything else that goes along with being backed up. Very solid product, gets my thumbs up.
  • Lientje - breathtakingThis is perhaps the best biography I have read on anyone still living. The research that has gone into it is
    breathtaking. It is great to know that some people still do their homework.

    I particularly like this book because it searches the background of the characters involved. I am into genealogy
    and would give my eye teeth to be able to learn about my ancestors with such depth.

    In a rather off-handed way, it answers questions and charges that so many people have asked along the way. Unfortunately,
    the people asking the questions and making the charges are the least likely to actually read this book. One of the more
    obvious ones is about his time in Columbia. How did he get in? Was he even there? No one ever saw him. He
    never had a girlfriend. Read the book.

    If you want to find out how involved he was with the Chicago political machine, read the book. If you want to find
    out what he was like as a community organizer, read the book. If you want to know what he considered some of his
    career possibilities were, read the book. They include becoming the mayor of Chicago, a la Mayor Washington, or
    possibly a writer. [ That was one of the reasons why Bill Ayers wrote his book - harrumph ].

    If you want to get a very good idea of why he married a very strong black woman, read the book. The men in his life were
    sad examples of role models. The women got him where he is today. He was lucky his biological father left, to put
    it bluntly, and Maraniss does.

    If you want to know why it is safe to call him an intellectual, in spite of the fact that YOU can't find anything that would
    suggest that his time at any of those universities was well spent, read the book. For starters, there were serious
    intellectuals on every side of the family. Genetically, it is a good start. That he followed through on his capabilities
    is obvious.

    I have one problem with this book and it is a serious one. I should say that although I own a copy of the book I listened to
    it on an audio copy from the library. And on each disc there are only 3 or 4 divisions, those areas that you can return to
    if you want to hear something twice or play again if you are not sure you understood it the first time around. For such an
    important book, this is a disgrace. I hope to high heaven that the following book will be have at least 20 divisions in
    each disc.

    Publishers PLEASE TAKE NOTE.
  • happy mom - Get your control back!No matter what age our children are, all of us hit road bumps, get lost, and need to ask for directions. This program is so detailed and precise you will have "ah ha" moment after moment. You are not alone, help is always a phone call away, and it is easy!!! No complicated learning, just real life problem solving for you and your children. They will be happier and you will be too. This is an amazing program, I have gotten two of my close friends that were at wits end, to sign up! IT WORKS!!!