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  • Rebecca B. - Very needed in Long Beach!THANK YOU HOW TO AVOID HUGE SHIPS!

    I'm in Long Beach, Ca. Where we have one of the most famous huge ships in the world. The Queen Mary! Every Day, I'm all like CHRIST! THERE IS THAT HUGE SHIP AGAIN! This is getting outta hand! But now I go out there and it's like magic! - this has also helped with all the container ships around town too.

    A must read for any one who is being menaced by huge ships!
  • sophia wilkinson Thank you very much,ship... - My first order from Amazon.A coworker recomended your web site to me. I really needed a drug hand book.After receiveing the Nurse's Pocket Drug Guide,i wish i had ordered a few more books that would be help full to me on my job and expand my knowledge in my profession of Nursing.
  • Carole - Perfectly Delicious Soda or Cocktail!I love my Sodastream for many reasons! I have always loved seltzer water, and now I have a sustainable way to enjoy it. Now every time I want a drink, I am not clogging land fills with plastic bottles. As a way of being even more environmental, I make my own syrup. It can be added, or I even make a cocktail with it! Try it: [..] It's delicious!!
  • A. Berkowitz "concerned for our future" - Pulling the Race Card before it was popularAnn Coulter is not a racist. She just tells it like it is. No politically correct excuses for bad conduct, Coulter cuts right to the chase.
    She is more anti-Democrat than just conservative, as she proves with footnotes and quotes how Blacks have been used to cause changes in our society only because it was useful to get elections, laws than were unnecessary passed, and to blame Republicans for the continued alleged racism in the country, despite the proof that the Democratic Party all along did nothing to help race relations from 1965 to the present. She names names, and gives facts and dates and in her special way of writing actually brings humor into an otherwise horrendous historic timeline.
  • Shell "equestrian" - Wolf Hall Follow-up. ExcellentMantel has an extraordinary talent for immersing the reader in the story; so much so that you feel as if you are right there with the characters, observing unseen, and understanding and seeing everything as the characters do and wanting to take issue with some of what they're doing...almost five hundred years ago! Her eloquent and logical narration make one forget that, although based on some factual evidence, it is not just as it happened. It is a fascinating period of British history that shaped much of the way the world is now. I can't wait for her next book.