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  • E. Evans - A Must for Travelers!We bought this chair for when we travel and it's been wonderful! It's so compact and easy to haul and so easy to set up! My daughter enjoyed being able to sit at the table with us in our hotel room. Easy to clean. Will be using for my son during travel and would definitely buy a second if both children needed it (my daughter is old enough to manage a chair now). Would definitely recommended. It's one of those products that you question buying, but are very thankful you spent the extra money!
  • Amanda - I'm happy!Bought these a little while ago. Was worried I wouldn't be able to swallow the pills but it was no problem.

    They seemed to help curb my appetite as promised. I've lost weight but can't be sure it was all down to these pills but they seemed to help and I've lost weight so I've got to be happy.

    I'd be happy to order again if I pile on the pounds - although I hope I stay as I am!