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  • roaeja "Hey you!" - WOW! This is a tablet?The only limitation is your imagination. THere are so many nooks
    to explore, so many colors to absorb, sounds to excite and much,
    much more. I'm surprised it doesn't cost more. I like the four
    work areas, the Google voice for searches, the pictures are outstanding.
    If you cup your hand over the speaker, the should will travel towards
    the front. I use a bluetooth headset, as well. And the gadgets! This is
    much more sophisicated and thought out, than an iPad. This is thoughtfulness at its best and very intuitive to use. Wow.... is the
    only exclamation one can use...... keyboard @ for $122.99!

    I keep getting 'Android Task Manager' has quit! Plus my internet speed keep
    dropping off and the screen jiggers once in awhile. Mine is going back.
    I'm waiting for the prime with a build in cellphone. Maybe it will be better.
  • Hope Eppes - Love this tabletThis tablet is great and up to date. I love how i am able to read my book on it. Very user friendly
  • "djbern" - Full of AdventureMax, the 16 year old boy genious of FULL HOUSE, is a 30 something zillionaire inventor and adventurer, with enough time on his hands after besting Bill Gates to help his sister Dee Dee and her husband Frankie "The Assassin" Fontana, deal with some death threats.He finds himself lusting for the local newpaper owner, whom he teams up with to solve this caper. Its a load of fun I thought and full of plenty of fun characters. Its an easy read and not very deep, but certainly a fun, wild ride.I look forward to more by both these authors.
  • Booksmadeeasy2012 - Great little toolI am a hairy latina woman and i have a lot of hair all over. this worked great on the chin hairs i had and the hair on my fingers as well as the hair on my upper lip and toes. it takes it right off with no pain and no you will not cut yourself if u get too most you will be left with a few scratches that don't even penetrate the skin. very fun, easy and efficient to use. for the people that say that this thing isn't worth a crap and breaks easily you just have to be gentle with it.