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  • Robert Kall "Rob Kall of" - Brilliant, terrifying-- a must-read book for these timesHeidi Boghosian has written a brilliant, powerful expose, spelling out how the surveillance and police state has metastasized throughout far too much of our culture.
    Each chapter details different ways government agencies and police are out of control, damaging, dangerous threats to democracy.

    Every member of congress should read a copy. Problem is, too many members of congress have forgotten they represent the american people, and not the military intelligence, insurance complex.

    I did an interview with Heidi on my radio show.
  • ng - love itI have tried everything from dermatologist visits with prescription pills and topicals, to proactiv and everything available over the counter. Exposed has worked the best for me, and I've been using the system around a year and a half. What I like about the acne treatment serum is that it doesn't get dry like toothpaste on your face like most BP creams (which is unfortunate when you put it on in the morning). I've found spot treating with BP on top of the clear pore serum at night really helps. Definitely won't go back to using anything else.
  • Todd Justman "Regional Man of Mystery" - Clear improvement over Willmaker 2011One clear advantage this product has over the 2011 version is instead of getting a giant instruction manual that I never cracked, you instead get a nice companion handbook called "The Legal Answer Book for Families," which covers many aspects of family law simply and clearly. As for the software, I was able to create very quickly a health care directive. I have no clue what the issues are or what to consider, but the software lays that all out, and gives nice explanations for the things you need to understand. The document is customized based on my state, and it creates a PDF with not only the document itself, but detailed instructions for me and my two witnesses. It even tells me what qualifications a witness needs to make. Once you understand all the details that go into a proper document you really understand that doing it yourself is not the right answer.

    As for compatibility with my previous Willmaker will, it seems pretty good. The software detected the old will and imported it into 2013, while leaving 2011 intact. The information I previously entered is there. The software, unlike others, didn't uninstall the 2011 software. I suppose that's good, if a little unexpected.

    All in all this strikes me as a significant improvement over 2011. If you own earlier titles you'll find that Quicken will nag you to get an updated version of the software in order to ensure it's legally up-to-date. In terms of functionality I would say it's probably worth upgrading if you plan on doing more than one legal document. If you just need a will and you're young I would be hesitant to spend the money. But it's good to see you're getting more than just a mild refresh with 2013.
  • Michael Alexander "greenacres" - great movies.I have been using Roxio Creator for a while now, I have done family movies and it works great.This took me awhile to get the hang of this software. I am not that much experienced in software but I was able to follow the directions pretty easy. It took me about two hours to finally figure everything out, but after that it ran smoothly.This is one if the best software for the price you cannot go wrong.