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  • Lonnie Blackmore - EXCELLENT BARNYARD BEAUTYI First Purchased This Album In 77' As A Naive 15 yr Old; Thinking It Had A Plastic "Blow Up Pig" Inside The Gatefold.
    At The Time I Was Living In a K-Tel Induced "Musical Vacuum" of Sugary Pop; Un-seasoned And Un-Ready For What Awaited Me.
    What Struck Me First, Were The Accomplished Musical Sounds By Everyone In The Band. I Was Amazed At The Funky Drumming On "Pigs", Great Keyboard Intro To "Sheep", Hypnotic Bass Playing In The Middle Of "Dogs" And The Supurb, But Simple, Acoustic And Electric Guitar Playing Throughout.
    The Lyrics Were Another Matter. Somewhat Cynical, But Very Clever And Entertaining. For Me; This Was My Introduction To The Perfect Marriage Between Intelligent Word & Music. "Animals" was the Perfect Vechicle To Whet My Appetite For Similar Progressive Acts Like; Genesis, Rush And Zappa.
    The Only 70's Floyd Album That Tops "Animals" Has Got To Be "Dark Side Of The Moon".
    In Conclusion; Buy The Re-Mastered Cd; Grab Your Favorite Beverage; Take A Seat On The Couch; Listen & Be Smitten.
  • Joshua M Kidd - Works greatHad to cycle my diet down and bring carbs to nearly a quarter of what they normally are for a boxing match upcoming. That means very little fiber going in and where regular, over the counter or off the shelf fiber supplements failed, this product hasn't. After about 3 days and around 12 pills consumed, on a very regular schedule of going #2. Has really helped with the bloating, stomach cramps and everything else that goes along with being backed up. Very solid product, gets my thumbs up.
  • KrazyHorse - It does it's job!After 7 straight years of using Norton products I have had no issues with any of them.
    I periodically check the logs and find it amazing on how much intrusive crap Norton has stopped before becoming a issue.
    This computer is on and connected to the net 24/7 and I have not had to reinstall the system files once.
    Don't allow the instillation of all those cute little tool bars and other garbage that online sites and software/driver distributers want to put on your computer and Norton will take care of the rest. I could go on and on but you get the point.
  • John Ferdinand "pricedtwosell" - It's all in how you prepare it!For everyone who hates the taste and texture here is a great recipe I use to make Raw Meal super tasty and even better for you.

    Use a blender

    - 2 scoops raw meal
    - 1 to 2 tablespoons peanut butter (smooth is best)
    - 1 whole frozen banana (break into pieces before freezing)
    - 3-4 frozen strawberries
    - 1 cup orange juice (less or more depending on how you like it)

    blend until smooth.

    Hope this helps!