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  • Catherine McKnight - Great BookThis is a great book for anyone wanting to make it out there, especially if you have found yourself getting hurt or used one too many times. This is not the same world that I was raised in. I am using the tools I have learned in this book to be smart about people with whom I am coming in contact with in today's society!
  • Anonymous Reader - The Intriguing Trip (on Many Levels) of an Unlikely Spiritual SeekerDaniel Pinchbeck is a rather unlikely spiritual seeker. In 2012, Pinchbeck's memoir of his investigation of the forthcoming end of the Mayan calendar, the quest for alternative realities and higher levels of meaning is joined with Pinchbeck's ongoing search for drugs and illicit sex. So as Pinchbeck travels to metaphysical venues, he manages healthy doses of iboga (a psychedelic used by the Bwiti cult in Gabon) and ayahuasca (a hallucinogen used in Amazon Basin rituals) and consummates affairs with or lusts after a variety of women, despite the fact that his committed partner has recently borne a daughter.

    The joke's on the disapproving reader though, myself included. Despite his many shortcomings, Pinchbeck offers an excellent and intriguing narrative and delivers himself of many a well-honed spiritual principle. His efforts to find a balance between male and female energies mirrors the ageless effort to master the classic yin-yang dichotomy. Similarly, Pinchbeck provides a fascinating take on the possibility that the coming of 2012 will integrate the spiritual beliefs that underpin many indigenous cultures with the advanced techologies of the developed world. (For a very different analysis of 2012 that reaches similar conclusions, read futurologist John Petersen's outstanding A Vision of 2012.)

    In service of his narrative, Pinchbeck takes the reader on a global tour of New Age and tribal sites, ranging from the Bwiti lands in Gabon; to England's Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge; to a "priestess" retreat in Hawaii; to the Burning Man festival in Nevada; to the Amazon Basin; and, finally, to Arizona's Hopi mesa. Pinchbeck's accounts of his visits to these venues are themselves fascinating, as are the metaphysical conclusions that Pinchbeck derives therefrom. Granted, Pinchbeck's conduct is maddening-- his desire for drugs, promiscuous sex, and general bad behavior never abates-- but he is an acute observer and never dull.

    Can one learn from a highly imperfect teacher? To recognize the perfection embodied in imperfection is itself an important spiritual lesson. Daniel Pinchbeck is indeed an unlikely spiritual teacher whose merits and shortcomings should be weighed carefully, but he has written a lively work with many important observations. Weeks after finishing 2012, I still find myself mulling over Pinchbeck's experiences and conclusions, and I look forward to a second reading of this book.

    Bottom line: If you are intrigued by the meaning of the Mayan calendar and you are open to exploring a fascinating-- albeit maddening-- travelogue with a metaphysical bent, make time for 2012.
  • S. J. Fleay "Stephen Fleay" - Remembering Liz great service from AmazonWe tried several bookshops here in Bandung Java Indonesia.....they had not even heard of Elizabeth thanks to Amazon we ordered this special publication and it was at our house within 10 days...excellent service...and the subject matter....some great photos of a lady who we loved for so long....and now those memories are at hand anytime.....
  • Kathie/florida sun - So Far SO GOOD!!Tonight was our first time using the was amazing. The grill heated up really fast..and our fish turned out great. I did not put the fish directly on the grill, but in a boiling pan. We were very pleased..and looking forward to cooking alot of our favorite dishes on the grill. It was super easy to put together..We have always used a charcoal grill, but our new condo does not allow gas/charcoal..So far so GOOD!!
  • Russell Wayne Carey - Love, love, love it!!!This thing is amazing, but I didn't buy it from Amazon. I found that Office Depot and even Best Buy are cheaper than the third party companies that are selling this beautiful piece of ASUS technology on Amazon. Not Amazon's fault they're selling it for such a ridiculous price, but I digress.

    Simply put, buy this Tablet... you won't want any other Tab EVER again!!! I love mine, enough said! That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.