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  • Kasha - Pain-free after 40 years!I'm 62 and have had back pain for 40 of those years. I've tried almost every method, short of surgery, to no avail. So many reviews start, "I just got this book three days ago and it works!" Ever the skeptic, I decided to work with Gokhale's book for three months, and only then report to you.

    Well, it's been three months, and I can now report to you that my back hasn't hurt since I started sleeping and sitting (two of the Steps) using Esther Gokhale's ideas. Really! And each day, during the daily activities that we all do anyway such as standing, walking, bending, and driving, I can implement her lessons. Slowly but surely, I've gotten stronger. I look so much better that people have commented that I look ten years younger, "What have you done?!" I took a 5-mile walk today, and I am pain-free tonight - a first step toward expanding my activities to a normal level.

    8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back is intelligent, thorough, and inspiring. The ideas are both revolutionary and forehead slapping common-sense. Buy this book, and begin to enjoy your own healing work.
  • Leonardo V. Lopez, MD - Abreva Spray pump dispenserI love Abreva, but am very disappointed with the small spray pump type of dispenser. There is no way to know when you are running low. Early this morning I needed to apply more to my cold sore and found out that it was empty. I had applied a dose last night and unknowingly used it all up. Until I am able to get to the drug store for another dispenser ( which will not be until later today), my healing is on hold. PLEASE bring back the squeeze tube!!!