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  • Karyn - great gift for my niecesMy nieces love them (I bought two). One niece was 3 and the other 4 when I gave them these - they love the camera and the fact that they can personalize them so even though they got the same color, they are still personalized. They should last a few years at least because it says up to age 9 so as they grow they will learn to use more of the features. Nice product.
  • Sandra J. Schultz - Skeptic here....LOVE productI had a couple moles on my face that children I work with constantly commented about. Yes....HAD. Big skeptic here didn't have insurance and researched Dermatend to death, read hundreds and hundreds of reviews. So overwhelmingly positive that I decided $40 bucks even if it didn't work was worth a try, rather than cost at doctor without insurance. I honestly didn't expect it to work.

    One mole was the size of a pencil eraser right under my chin and it was gone with two treatments is all....just under two weeks and it is totally flat. No scarring. The one just by my nose? Not quite as large and only one application and it's not quite flat but close. I haven't reapplied that but am prepared to if needed some day. But the difference is amazing. Now it's just a slight raised bump hardly anything at all and I can live with that. Before it was something quite large.

    Overall....I highly recommend trying this product. It was so worth it and I honestly expected it to fail. Yes, it is a very small tube but you just be careful squeezing it out and to have gotten rid of two major moles with it? Well well worth the price. If they grow back? I'll do it again. I do have some skin tags I'm going to use it on but they haven't been the priority these moles were.

    I followed the directions and used the file on the moles then i used hottest water possible on a cloth - holding a cloth on them to open pores. I wanted every chance for this to succeed and it did.

    I have so much more confidence because I don't have these two huge moles on my face that I know everyone is looking at. If it worked on those honkers, try it on yours. Seriously. Not with the company just a very very happy customer who was a HUGE skeptic before.
  • Nickson F. Mtaita - Five starsIts one of the best books ever about shooting video. Any person with a video camera should read this book before they point and shoot. I like the writing style. Simple, to the point and every word in the book counts. No fillers, the chapters are short, very well written and again straight to the point.
    I wish I had this book a year ago when I set out to shoot my first documentary. Highly recommended to beginners as well as professionals. Definitely two years of film school in 248 pages