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  • Kenneth A. Scruggs - Amazing... just amazing...I am a fan of short films. And these are just amazing. All of these films have an epic quality about them. The amount of story that can be provided in such a small amount of time. I found it a spectacular investment of time watching these budding story tellers make amazing film. Simply inspirational.
  • Gina - Great for an OCCASSIONAL Cleanse!I wrote a review a while back and only gave this product 3 stars at the time. That's because my body was addicted to laxatives and even this product did not work for me then. I had gotten so dependent that I was taking a strong laxative with cascara segrada in order to have a BM. Sometimes I would go 4-5 days without eliminating. I knew I had a serious problem So, I went to a GI doctor and I had a colonoscopy done. Everything was normal except a few mild hemorrhoids. I was told to wean off all laxatives except psyllium, lots of water, lots of fruits, whole grains and veggies and a medication called Amitiza. I have been on this regimen for a month and have feltyso bloated and gassy. The last week or so I did get back to having some bowel movements again without a laxative. I skip a day or two in between, feeling constipated and like I still needed to "go". Feeling very uncomfortable, I took 4 Super Colon Cleanse capsules with plenty water yesterday and in less than 24 hours, I went to the bathroom 3 times and eliminated ALOT. It wasn't diarrhea either! Just normal and NOT painful. As a bonus, I lost 2 lbs and an inch from my waist because the bloat is gone! Sadly, I will have to look forward to my next cleanse next month as I promised my GI doctor I would avoid any laxatives. Too bad because this product made me feel so much better. It does work but read the instructions. It says for "Occassional" use.
  • Blue Rose "Blue Rose" - This is the premier office softwareMicrosoft Office is pretty much the standard software used by most businesses and individuals. This version contains Word for word processing, Excel for spreadsheets, PowerPoint for presentations, and OneNote to help keep you and projects organized. This is the version that is installed to a particular computer, and doesn't have an expiration date or require an additional annual subscription fee. (I'm not a fan of the new yearly subscription that MS is heavily promoting, so this is a big plus to me.) I rely heavily on Outlook, so it's disappointing that it's not included in this version, but that is just a consideration to take into account when you are deciding on the version of Office that's right for you. Many people use a free email service such as google, yahoo, or the internet version of outlook, and that's sufficient for them. If you are updating from Office 2007 or 2010, you shouldn't have too much of a learning curve. The change from Office 2003 (if you are still using that version) is pretty drastic, though. There are many tutorials on the MS website to help you along. I've used this software for years, and recommend it highly.
  • Brian Werner - amazon's great servicewhen it comes to they are a great comany to buy anything from cause they are very helpful and they don't complain that you are returning something they just like to know why. they don't say but it is brand new how could there be someting wrong with it?[[ASIN:B003S8WG2Q Duck Brand 13888251.88-Inch by 10-Yard Digital Duck Tape, Camouflage]