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  • Traveler - Still the bestI have been a user of MS S&T for many years now. I have tried some trials/demos for other mapping software and they don't having anything better. I am looking for a practical and usable map s/w, and I do not need any of the gimmicks that some programs will claim as "great." I now have a great map/GPS app for my android phone, so I do not need to use the USB GPS with S&T anymore. (little phone mounted on my dash versus having to look at my laptop on the passenger seat???) but for planning a trip, finding hotels, restaurants, banks, campgrounds etc, this is perfect.
  • W. - SCD has worked for meA year and a half ago I tried this diet based solely on the reviews I read here. I have been in remission since then. I remember reading these very reviews thinking, "How can this book be a cure when I've had this disease for over a decade and nobody's mentioned it to me? If it was as simple as this diet, surely a doctor would have recommended it by now." I was highly skeptical. I was even worried that it was a cult or something, that it was New Age bunk, positive thinking, or something bizarre like that. But I tried it and, in short, the diet started working for me within 48 hours, and I stuck with it all the way through to total remission for 18 months now. I no longer need to be on the diet, and eat whatever I want now, because the diet has apparently reversed my Crohn's, as wild as that sounds, after a little less than the year she recommends one should adhere to it. I am still truly amazed. I'm writing this to the person out there reading this page who is like I was, skeptical to the core, burned in the past by New Age snake oil, and wary. I don't know if it will work for you, but it has worked for me. It was designed by a biochemist who has a real working theory behind it, and it is logical when you look at her reasoning. The idea is that complex carbs are just too taxing on your system, and removing them for a substantial period of time can sort of re-boot your GI tract. The one caveat is that I found I really had to be uncompromisingly strict with this diet, especially early on. I had to read all labels, give up restaurants, and needed my partner and family to help improvise a way of eating on this austere diet that was workable. It was not easy, but it was miles easier than being sick and in pain, so I stuck to it doggedly. It has paid off more than I ever expected. I feel obligated to write this review because the reviews that came before mine are responsible for me trying this diet, which, without overstatement, saved my life.