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  • Digitalmonkey - I,m on a boat!No joke, this book is flying off the shelves in Japan right now after the quake. Great tips on surviving altercations with mammoth titanics. This book uncovers the hidden truths...what the coast guard is hiding and why pirates might just be our saving grace.
    This book makes The Deadliest Catch seem like just a day in the park. A must read! After you read this book, many cans of spinach will be consumed.
  • Smoofy Smoof - As advertised.My doctor said it best, "If a product works then you won't hear about it, but if a product fails then everyone becomes a bitter critic". So, for my two cents for what it's worth; the product for the last five months has worked for me. My hair loss was minimal and mostly involved the left temple receding higher then I wanted, which caused a noticeable gap sometimes when my medium-long hair was parted, but since taking this product the gap has seemed to vanish. Even examining my hair I can tell it has been filling in slowly.

    Is it a permanent solution, having to apply a substance to my head twice a day for thirty seconds a pop? No, but also I like to remain optimistic and believe we are closer to an actual cure. So, my mind set now is that if I can fight this long enough by using a product such as Rogaine, then why not? Roughly, it cost me about 150 for a year supply. If that's all it takes to remain youthful when I'm pushing thirty then by all means, take my money.
  • Shannon Ake - I love Raw Meal!I've been using Raw Meal for over a year now. Its great as a quick breakfast on mornings I don't have time to prepare something (which is most days!)and an excellent component for a raw veggie smoothie. The label recommends two scoops and I think 16 oz of water but a serving half that amount is plenty for me. The flavor is hard to describe, its very neutral and it tastes like food, like cereal and salad mixed together--kinda. There are no strong flavors, or strange or bitter tastes from chemicals. I can't say it tastes 'good' exactly but I find the flavor to be very pleasant. The neutral flavor also allows it to mix well with any other fruits or veg in a smoothie. However, If you aren't already eating a mostly plant based diet or if your taste buds are used to diet pop or fast food, the flavor might be really bad to you. I gave some to my son when he ran out of his protein powder and he swore it was horrible. he didn't finish it. So it's obviously not for everyone. I like it, I try to eat raw vegan and I'm used to these flavors. I feel good after eating it, my energy stays high until lunch time. And 8 oz. is usually enough for me to stay full until my next meal.