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  • MrCookie - IncredibleThis thing is amazing. I started losing my hair very early and by the age 25 lost it almost completely (type 7, which cannot be helped even through transplants). So I accepted the fact that I will be bald for the rest of my life. I ran into Rogaine online and although I lost my hair more that five years ago (which I read gives little hope of regrowth) I decided to give it a shot. I am applying it twice a day (except when I forget to do it) and it is really simple and easy to use. A little more than one month later, I see results all over my scalp. It is not that I got all my hair back, but there are visible results. I will update in a few months, but this thing works for sure. I wish I had this in the early 90s when I started losing my hair, I am sure this would help me keep it.
  • L. Chan - Update - Give it a 2nd chance, I'm a believer nowUpdate***
    Now, I am a believer in Align!!

    Recently I started having another Gerds attack, and my prior methods of resolution were not working. After a few months with no improvement, as a last desperate attempt I started to take the remainder of Align I had from my prior purchase.
    I took 1 pill after dinner/before bed. I remember before I had terrible gas as a side effect, but surprisingly I did not have any this time. No gas, no bloating, nothing. Instead I feel Great!! After a week, my Gerds is completely gone, and everything is back to normal again! I'm going to keep taking it for a little while longer, then stop to see if my body goes back to normal.

    Give it a 2nd chance, you may be surprised. I'm so glad I did!!!

    ********Prior Review***********
    After my follow up, my GI doc recommended that I try adding align. About 3-4 years ago I developed polyps which were removed and haven't returned. I'm a pretty healthy and active person and have a pretty regular gi system, but I figured why not improve it. (as how align advertises itself) I did my research and saw the great reviews and decided to give it a try.

    It's been 3 weeks and no improvement, if not just new problems. I read that it gets worse before it gets better, but so far it hasnt been better. I'm lactose intolerant, and I read reviews where others have been able to tolerate more dairy with align, me.. No luck.

    So far all my existing concerns, feeling bloated or getting gassy with certain foods are all the same still, with no improvement.

    Align just makes me really bloated and gassy and I feel like I now have symptoms like IBS. I have to take gas x and gas x prevention with align, which I find annoying.

    I know it has done good things for others, but know that it's doesn't work for everyone. give it a try, but buy the smallest package to try out. Regrettably, I bought the larger package that I dont know what to do with now.