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  • T.D. Orr "Dano" - Big Test Kitchen Fan good cookbookI have cooked many items from Americas Test Kitchen and they are all fantastic. As I looked through this book (paperback) I found the recipes to be simple and easily understood. Regular recipes from ATK are sometimes very time intensive so I was glad to see this book. I totally trust ATK because they do actually TEST the recipes over and over for the best flavor and consistency. They do the science and they will never let you down. I highly recommend this book and any other ATK books. See it is well worth your time. But yes if you like great food buy and use this book
  • Oliver Lynch - I love my Sammy!I am a senior, senior, but not too old to love new toys. Am having a great time with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Watched the price go up and down at Amazon but finally jumped in at $329. Now at $299 it is even sweeter. It is a remarkable tablet with built in GPS and Kindle and so many other features. It is so much more than a toy; it's like holding the world in your hands. It's screen resolution is amazing and the capacitive response is great. I am enjoying exploring and learning and happy I chose the 10.1" size. My transaction with Amazon was smooth and fast; which is always the Amazon way. Buy with confidence!
  • Sarah Brame - An excellent read.While other reviewers seem to be more experienced in the literature on the historical Jesus, I am not one of them. However, this was an educational and enlightening look into the era of Jesus and his apostles, and gave me a better understanding to what I had learned in religion class at my Catholic elementary. I decided to buy this after the Fox News controversy (anchor interviewing Aslan shows she did no research on him before talking with him) and I was not disappointed. Aslan did a great job of educating me on parts of a faith (that I drifted away from) that I never knew and gave me a better picture of the man, not the ideal.