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  • Adrian - Microsoft Officeis the bazooka in the world of office software. Most of us only need a BB gun, but why not have the power available just in case? I'm a long time (since the late 80's) PC user recently come over to the Macintosh world and this was my first Mac software purchase. I was surprised and pleased to find out how similar the Mac version is to the Windows software I'm used to. Moving files from one platform and also Google docs to my Mac was surprisingly trouble free.

    Amazon's software store makes the management of your downloads simple. No more having to look for discs and license codes if you need to reinstall the software, Amazon keeps them all handy for you.
  • Heather R - Great company to order from!I heard about this book from another person that has my same autoimmune disorder, Ulcerative Colitits. It's been an ongoing battle for me for years. Unfortunately traditional medicine has been of no help. So now I'm trying a more natural approach to try & heal into remission. I've known 2 people that have done just that by following what's in this book. I'm about half way through it and I'm very excited to start putting "the plan" into action. The shipping time was very fast and I would highly recommend ordering from this company. I will update my results in the near future as I feel it's so important to anyone that might be struggling with an inflammatory disorder anywhere in their body.
  • Steven - The Right Capacity at the Right TimeWhen I made this purchase, I did so in order to upgrade the hard drive in my MacBook, as a 750GB drive was the only alternative to my 500GB Drive. So when I received this drive, I formatted it for OS X, removed it from the black case, then used Disk Utility to create a recovery partition, installed the drive in my MacBook and booted from the recovery partition, did a Time Machine Back-up and I had clean install on a Brand New 750GB Drive inside my MacBook........