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  • Sam A. Thomson - Does what I expectedSimple to install right out of the box. I've not experienced any problems at all. One complaint that I've seen in other reviews was the problem of overheating because of a lack of ventilation in the case. I simply stood the unit on end with the ventilated bottom facing outwards and seem to have avoided this problem.
  • Introversion is not a disease - A giant step forward for womankind!!By day, I am an orthopaedic surgeon working in a large trauma center, piecing together broken bones and saving lives everyday. By night, I am a single mom to my 2 year old son, giving him baths and feeding him his dinner. Yet I never felt worthy as a female... until I discovered BIC pens for HER!! Since using these pens, my self-esteem has soared and I am a changed woman. I am planning to quit my job and delete all of that useless medical knowledge from my brain! Once I take up knitting, I know a man will fall madly in love with me. Thank you BIC for creating this giant step forward for womankind!
  • Bob & Barbara - Quicken Premier 2013 is fine!Like many, I listened to the large number of negative reviews before purchasing it. Recently, have been many favorable reviews, and one in particular who claimed it was seamless. Have probably been using Quicken for 30 years, and use it daily.

    I had NO problem going from Quicken Premier 2010 to 2013, with my Windows Xp. It was a smooth and quick upgrade. Following the advice of another, I turned off anti-virus during the installation. On the first sync, it offered to install the latest version - #11. And like that other reviewer, I have no issue with spending a few bucks every three years to keep Quicken doing it's daily updates of my accounts. Quite the contrary, why should anyone expect it to be free forever? I was happy with Quicken 2010, but business is business. Glad to be reporting such a positive review!