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  • Jean V. Dubois - A Work of HonorAs a retired soldier Ralph Peters knows how to imbue the protagonists of his novel - men often consumed by the demands of a chivalrous honor foreign to modern readers - with true honor. This is honor that comes from overcoming the faults and frailties that affect all of us and doing our duty anyway. The generals, officers, and enlisted of this book are not dry and 2 dimensional historical figures. They are living, breathing, bleeding, (and other bodily functions) men who you care about and wish success for even though you know the result of their efforts lo these 149 years ago. The author gives appropriate homage to Michael Shaara's "Killer Angels" and has written a book that is similar in its "docudrama" approach to the 3 days of Gettysburg but is different in its willingness to eliminate any possible veneer of the "romance of war". When I was a Marine student at the Army War College in Carlisle PA the class spent a day at Gettysburg with families. Our group ended the day by standing in the woods where Pickett's men waited and then, at proper intervals we walking from there to Cemetery Ridge while reading aloud from Shaara's description of Pickett's charge. There were tears. Shaara's attribution of more flowery language, the boy singing "Kathleen Mavourneen" at the campfire, and the greater attention to sympathetic emotional exposition makes his book one that appeals to the heart as much as the mind. Peters' book will draw no tears - instead it will draw chills and shivers in its unflinching description of what it means to walk most of a mile uphill in the hot afternoon sun into hub-to-hub cannon fire. The reader will be left wondering how these men could survive this abbatoir and then after the war return to rebuild and build the country for the next 50 years.

    I read this in a long afternoon without a pause. Peters tells us that Gettysburg was so huge and complex that dozens of books could be written (and have been) about it and all be different. There have been and will be different ones than this but none better.
  • ValtheRed - Husband loves it!I purchase all the tech at my house. When my husband wanted an IPad, I told him no, this was much better than the IPad 2 in my opinion. This tablet is so clear and has a better battery life, CPU, and more storage than the IPad 2. Even the new IPad 3 is not as good as this one, to me. I cannot be happier with how games, email, and note-taking are so easy for my husband to do on this tablet. It is really great to find a product which is less expensive and better than a similar product. This tablet allows my husband to leave his heavy graphics-intensive ASUS computer at home on days when he doesn't need it, but still be able to access the Internet and do work, research, and play games! I am even thinking about purchasing one of these for my teenage son, that's how much I like this tablet!
  • K. Kiesel - My favorite green drink/meal replacement!!I tried a lot of different types of meal replacements and green drink mixes. Out of all of them this was the second-most expensive, but it is the one I always return to because of the fact that it's RAW and because of the amazing flavor! Seriously, at first I wasn't sure about it, but now that I am used to it, I find it addictively delicious! I couldn't imagine mixing it in juice. I barely ever eat sugar, and this is definitely sweet enough for me. Juice is actually too sweet for my tastes. I find that I love mixing this in just plain cold water, or, even better yet, cold coconut milk. If you don't like the flavor at first, give the coconut milk a try. I use plain unsweetened, but a vanilla one would be nice, too, or you can add a little vanilla yourself. I use almond milk when I want something a little different. I just use one scoop of Raw Meal about twice a day when I feel hungry. I definitely felt a difference after using it for a few days. Digestion became very regular, mental acuity was stronger, and my energy levels and blood sugar were more stable, too. I think mixing the powder up in something cold enhances the flavor. I also drink it fairly quickly before the chia seed in it has a chance to swell. It gets very thick at that point - but I still love it that way! You can always add some more liquid if it gets too thick. I have a small shaker, and I just pour in one scoop, 8 oz. of cold whatever, put the lid on and shake it up as I'm running out to the car. I do use other green powders and meal replacement drinks occasionally, mainly so I don't get sick of this one since it's my favorite, but also to save money. However, the Amazon price is great, and if you want to by it at your local store, Garden of Life and Whole Foods often provide $5 coupons. You can buy single-serving packs of it if you just want to give it a try. I recommend just using half a pack with 8 oz. of liquid if it's your first time. The full serving is too much for me, and you might need to try it twice to get used to the flavor. The only part I don't like is when I get to the last sip. The biggest particles from the powder are always at the very bottom by then, and whatever seed or sprout they come from, it is not the tastiest one in the mix. Just let the last few drops go, and you'll enjoy the experience more. Believe me, I tried everything, and there are some truly horrible-tasting green drink mixes out there. This one was very palatable after trying all the rest of them! Raw Meal is an investment, but I'd rather invest in my health now than in mopping up the consequences of not taking care of myself later.

    If you like the flavor as much as I do, another thing you can do is add just enough water or milk alternative to the Raw Meal powder to make a thick paste, almost a dough. Then roll it into balls and pop them into a baggie for snacks later. You can roll them in cocoa powder and maybe a little cinnamon if you want some variation. I also add a tsp. of organic unsweetened cocoa powder to my Raw Meal drink sometimes. Cinnamon can be added, too, or anything else you like. If you have your own recipe or variation feel free to share it!
  • HappyMom - Amazing Product!!!When I read reviews about how this product has changed lives I was kind of skeptical. However, my daughter tried it and it is amazing. She went from not being able to wear most clothing to being able to wear all clothing even something that would show the slightest amount of sweat. She was in a play and wore beautiful costumes that if she would not have used Sweatblok she would have been truly embarrassed to be on stage. We discovered this product right before the play and it worked immediately and no sweat was seen!! We did buy this a Walmart once, but not able to get it there anymore. Frankly, at Walmart it was $7 for a package of 5 so the price is really not any different.