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  • Hebes - Great grill for the priceDecided to try an infrared grill after extensive review, plus needed something small for the space I have. It arrived quickly and was relatively easy to assemble...a lot of steps but nothing complicated and the bolts, nuts, etc. were very clearly marked and nicely packaged. The grill is very easy to use and will just take some getting used to as far as how long to grill various items. I can tell you the burgers have been fantastic, they stay very juicy because it cooks so quickly. Other meats and veggies have been great. I have yet to slow cook something but expect it will be perfect. I think this is a great grill especially for the price. Do not believe the negative reviews of this grill or infrared technology.
  • Jen B. - It works!I took the FertilAid pills for about 1 month after 8 months of casually trying to conceive. I also used the Clearble Easy Fertility Monitor, and I got pregnant within the first month! I would recommend this product for anyone that is trying to conceive, along with using the fertility monitor. It works!
  • JBogue - Like being in a 18th century tornado! Non-stop action!The story: Claire finds out that Jamie survived the Battle of Culloden and knows she must join him back in the past. She makes peace with her daughter Brianna, ties up loose ends back at the hospital in Boston, and then returns to Scotland to make the journey through time to 1768, Scotland. Once she gets back to 18th century Scotland, she and Jamie have a few days together and then the adventure begins.
    Jamie's nephew, Ian, gets kidnapped by pirates, and Jamie and Claire must sail to the West Indies to find him. Their journey is exciting and frought with peril. The re-joining of Jamie and Claire does not dissapoint.
    This book also tells the tale of what happened to Jamie after the Battle of Culloden. It is a tale of such loneliness and tragedy that it will break your heart! It also tells of what happened to Claire after she reappeared in Scotland in 1948 after being gone for 3 years, and her life with Frank and Brianna. This book kinda plays "catch up" for the first few hundred pages. This part of the book is very good, but it does not have the insomnia inducing, page turning qualitites of the first two books. get to the adventure once again. Once Claire gets back to Jamie, the story speeds up with a vengence. I mean, come on, arson, sabotage, kidnapping, pirates, voo doo, and hurricanes...what more can you ask for?
    This book focuses less on the love story, and more on adventure and story-telling. Alot can be learned about Jamie and Claire from the tales of the 18 years they were apart. Another great part of this book, is seeing the beginnings of the relationship between Roger and Brianna. Make sure, you have Drums of Autumn handy because after finishing this one, you will not want to wait to start the next one!JBogue
    Specializing in paranormal romance and fiction.