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  • Susie Murray - homework helperBefore purchasing this reference I looked at all the reviews,the one review really sold me. Like me, he was a pharm tech student and said that this book really helped him with his homework. I needed to make drug cards and this book was perfect. It's just the right size to slip in the backpack and contains alot of drug information. I would definitely recommend this book.
  • Georgiana Daniels - A Must-Read for Suspense FansThe perfect blend of action and emotion. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but I snuck away from my family to finish reading the book because I couldn't--wouldn't!--set it aside. When you pick this up, be ready to lock the door! Though I've only read a handful of Ted Dekker books, this is by far my favorite.

    When Shauna McAllister emerges from a coma, fingers point at her as the cause of an accident, yet she can't remember the accident, nor the last six months of her life. Along with the heroine, the reader gets to piece her life together to find out who's really working behind the scenes to make sure Shauna doesn't regain her memories and why. From designer drugs to dark motives and dirty money, Kiss takes you on a fast ride.

    What I loved about the book is how Dekker and Healy took a character that seemed unlovable in the beginning, and tested her to see if she really knew who she was and what she was capable of. Also, the tight plot left me satisfied in that nothing was left unresolved. If you're looking for a fast-paced read that absorbs you into the story world, this is your book.
  • pShoe - Great TabletI know another iPad2 comparison review, but that is the standard to compare all tablets too. I am an owner of an iPad2 and a TF201. Hands down, I enjoy the TF201 more. More customization, easier user experience, and the build quality is great. I have had zero Wifi issues. The browser experience is not as good as the iPad, but I will update my review if ICS makes a different in that area.
  • rxs298 - Results after 1 day of useI have been on a low carb diet. Initially I lost weight but the progress stopped due to constipation. I tried other laxatives and psyiullium husk with no success.
    I took this yesterday and within 4 hours I had a bowel movement. I had another bowel movement later in the day. This morning I weight myself and I was 3 pounds down after one day of use.
    I think this maybe a great colon cleanser. I have done a lot of research and our colon can hold 10-15 lbs of waste due to constipation and digestive problems.
    For the price, this is a winner.
  • J. Cook - Weight loss is a snapThis product has been working already. I have been taking 3 pills before each meal. I have lost about 2 pounds a week and I asked my doctor to make sure it was safe for me. My doctor said I could take this with no side effects. I would say check with your doctor but I am so glad that this product is working and I have been cleared to use it. I do not feel any different when I take this other than I just don't have the same appetite before taking this product. It is worth trying as what do you have to lose other than weight.