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  • Gwen P. - Amazing results!My tweleve year old daughter had a moderate case of acne on her forehead. After trying multiple products with minimal or no results, we decided to give Proactive a try before taking the next step of consulting a dematologist. We weren't sure what to expect since it appears that there are mixed results. However, we were both really suprised and impressed with how well and how quickly it worked! We saw an improvement within 24 hours and ten days later, it was completely cleared up! Her skin tone looks great too. I have to say that we're a "believer". It may not work for everyone, but for those in which it does, it works quick and it works very well. We were also concerned that it might be too strong for her sensitive skin, but so far, there have been no problems - no drying or redness, etc.

    My advice for anyone who wants to give it a try is to buy it through Amazon and skip the offical website of Proactive. It appears that the customer service is questionable when it comes to canceling and who needs the headache? Amazon's price is the same as Proactive's with free shipping (over $25, which it is). You get two month's worth (the same as Proactive) but rather than having it shipped to you automatically, you simply have to mark it on your calender to re-order every six weeks. No big deal.

    NOTE: I believe I had read either on the Proactive website or someplace else that while using the product, your skin is extra sensitive to the sun and to make sure you use suntan lotion. This appears to be quite true. My daughter, who doesn't usually burn, spent half the day outside a couple days after starting the product and got sunburned.
  • Angelique Hancock - Love it!A couple of years ago I joked with my doctor that I work very hard to be this fat. After reading the plan I now completely understand that all of the healthy foods I was adding to my diet were actually working against my weight loss goals. Thanks sooo much for opening my eyes!
  • Ronald E. Foore "Eclectic Reader" - A Wonderful Civil War 150th Anniversary Gift to the WorldAnybody with more than just a passing familiarity with the Battle of Gettysburg will find this novel brilliantly written. As a history novel it is superb and apparently well-researched. It is rich with detail but mostly not to the point of bogging down the reader. From a literary viewpoint it is fast-paced and the descriptions of battle scenes are top-notch, gory, and captivating. While I found myself eventually glossing over a few paragraphs which were inserted by the author to provide some biographical insight for some of the enlisted men, which, for me, didn't seem to add much to the flow of the narrative, I found the story-line to be entertaining and informative. I would point out that this novel, in my opinion, complements Michael Shaara's Pulitzer Prize-winning, "The Killer Angels." To a Civil War neophyte, I might even suggest reading "The Killer Angels" first, then watching the DVD (I would recommed the new Director's Cut Blu-ray Disc) of the movie "Gettysburg" (with Tom Berenger, Jeff Daniels, and Martin Sheen), and finishing up with "Cain At Gettysburg." I would have liked the publisher to have included some pictures of the historical figures, and maybe even some prints of some of the locations (to my chagrine, I kept seeing in my minds eye, Tom Berenger as Longstreet and Martin Sheen as General Lee!) I highly recommend this novel.