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  • K.C. Cole - Great! Doesn't Slow Down My PC!I've used McAfee protection for years now and have always found the virus protection to be good. I recently purchased a new PC with Windows 8 which came with a "free" 1 year download of a very popular virus software. I used the laptop, which came with the standard free 30 day McAfee virus protection for a few days before downloading my 1 year free product. I immediately noticed slow, laggy performance on the internet, plus overall sluggish performance even when opening documents. I went to the internet to find solutions, most of which required that I turn off key elements of the virus protection software to increase its performance! I didn't experience any known problems with malware or viruses with the software, but my confidence was reduced, because I kept getting reminders that I had turned off portions of the software, and thus, my computer was not totally protected.

    I decided to turn back to McAfee All Access, and performance has been excellent. I hardly even know the software is running in the background, which is how it's supposed to be, in my opinion. I haven't experienced any problems with malware or viruses while running McAfee. I also love the fact that I can use this software on my phone (which I haven't done yet). Great overall protection. Highly recommended.
  • VoodooValkryie - Where there is No DoctorThe major difference between this book and a first aid manual is that the first step is rarely call 911. If you are someone with little or no previous medical knowledge and you would like to learn how to put a dislocated shoulder back into socket, how to properly administer penicillin, and/or how to diagnose diseases ranging from the common cold to leprosy then this is the book for you.

    If you want to learn how to do a triple bypass surgery with a paperclip, a rubber band, and three ballpoint pens then no this is not worth your money. I would suggest taking the time you have to surf the net and nag about how you cant find a step by step guide to do something a doctor goes to school for years to learn and just go to medical school.

    Also to address something I've noticed in the other reviews (that originally stopped me from buying this book) is the people who are, not necessarily upset, but are not really pleased that so much of the book is dedicated to prevention and nutrition. To others that are interested in buying but not really sure if its worth it let me just say it is. After reading the book I have to agree with the author's that "an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure". If a SHTF situation ever arises I would rather urge prevention then be forced to draw on the knowledge I've gained from this book.
  • DarkMaN - thanks for all the reviewRated a 5 hoping that EA sees the review.

    Well... I wasn't aware that this game had issues. I knew it was coming out sometime in March and decided to look into purchasing it via Amazon. Immediately, I see thousands of reviews about the problems. I will not be buying this game and wait for something else down the road.
  • Billy - Never Cheap Works wonders!Its a great product very easy to use and affordable if you get it at the right time. It also does everything it says and online back up is just plane awesome. You can receive your files anywhere like if i were to forget to print something for HomeWork i am able to go to school and log onto online back up and print that file easily. That is only if you back up things all the time in which I always do cause it takes just a second, would recommend this product to anyone that has a computer and wants to fight against viruses and have the benefit of retrieving your files anywhere!!

  • MissIreland - Best stuff ever!Lightly LIGHTLY scratch the moles before applying, if you scrape too hard you will end up with a scar.

    Do NOT PICK it during the healing. It will pop off on its own.

    Use neosporin and bandaid to help with healing and prevent scars.

    I have had ugly moles on my arms and they are GONE NOW!!!!

    You only need one tube, one tube has lasted me more than a year and I've removed numerous moles (lots of small ones)

    One bad thing - if you do not "get" the entire mole it will grow back and you will need to re-apply.

    Amazing stuff, I wish I would have found it sooner!