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  • A. Lee - Not Amazing, but certainly a Very Good ReadSascha Duncan has a deadly secret. She's one of the ruling Psy, a breed of humans who all have psychic abilities of some kind, but who have been conditioned from birth to have no emotions (particularly rage) in order to create a more perfect society. Her mother is a powerful member of the Council. Sascha is a cardinal Psy and ought to have had extraordinary power. Instead she tests low or average, a great disappointment. And worse, she has emotions that she needs to bind tightly, for the Psy do not tolerate aberrants and if discovered, she'll be sent to a 'rehabilitation center' and be mind-wiped.

    Sascha works for her powerful family's business, which is participating in a rare deal with the changelings, Lucas Hunter in particular, the alpha of the DarkRiver pack who can shape-change into panthers and jaguars. The Psy look upon changelings and humans as lesser beings, but business is business. The changelings don't care for dealing with the Psy, either, but Lucas has an ulterior motive: changeling girls have been murdered and he suspects a Psy is behind it, but the Psy Council denies any Psy is less than perfect and all official investigation is mysteriously blocked. Lucas hopes to use Sascha, the liason with the Duncans, to gain information before it is too late and another changeling dies. Too bad he feels strangely attracted to the cold and perfect Psy...

    The different social structures of the ruling Psy and the changelings make a fascinating backdrop for this story. The mystery itself is not amazing, but it is good enough to create suspense and drive the plot ahead.

    Sascha is a sympathetic character; strong enough to survive among the Psy despite her secret and strong enough to fight for what she cares about. Lucas is the typical alpha male, dominant and sensual, but not over-the-top and obnoxious. They make a good match, which is essential in a romance.

    The Amazon reviews are mostly raving... I don't think this book was so incredible, but it was certainly superior to many similar stories out there, and the world-building added an extra-dimension of interest. It was a well-written, satisfying tale with two strong characters, so it is worthy of a top rating.
  • Dulce - This product is working Excellent for me.Been taking this product for almost a month now and I wanted to wait until I saw some results before posting anything. So far I have lost several inches in my waist and Hip areas and I have been working out, (started out power walking but now doing power fitness classes) and really eating right. For me, It's not so much that this is a miracle pill but it just really helps curb those cravings. It also gives me energy too which I wasn't expecting since I thought it wasn't a stimulant. Nevertheless, I feel Great since I've been on it.
  • bpatel - best and amzing product.I was waiting for better android smart device, and after trying few USB sticks, neo, midnight, ug008, finally I found this device.

    It surpassed all my expectations.
    I got this gadget last weekend, and happy to say, it is really best android device.

    UI is slick, and quick responsive.

    8Gb flash, good, but expected to be 16Gb for my personal need.

    WiFi quality is very good with strong signal.
    Antennas are little big, and feels little fragile, but it works great.

    Air mouse is good plus, kids love it.

    Overall good choice to buy.
  • Maybay - Kindle FireI am so glad I ordered the Kindle. I am going to college soon and I cant afford a laptop and I figured a Kindle Fire could give me everything I was looking for in a laptop... and I was right. It has full Internet access as long as you have Internet connection. And as far as note taking goes, it's perfect. You just have to download the preferred app for it! It was a very good purchase and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a device with good reading skills and the abilities of a computer!