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  • LadyOfTheHouse - My secret fantasy realizedFor so many years I have been hiding my secret desires. I am a married woman, over 35, with a secret I thought I would have to hide for the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but I've always wished he was.... well... a bit different.

    I finally have found a way I can have what I always wanted. After an exhaustive search I have found my answer. The Cristal Bic for Her pen. After reading reviews of several "lady" products I knew I found what I nedded in this pen. Hastily, I ran to the store and picked up a couple of packs.

    After reading reviews of this pen and seeing it in person, I knew it wouldn't be easy getting it into my husband's hands. I mean with the sleek feel and OH! the colors, I knew he wouldn't pick it up without a lot of convincing. At the store I knew what to do so I also picked up some black electrical tape, a hammer, some nails and a level. My plan was in action.

    When I arrived home, I proceeded to disguise the Bic for Her with the tape and developed a ruse. When my dear husband came home I gave him these "gifts" and asked him to try them out by hanging a picture for me. Of course he said yes because he loves me. I had gotten it in his hands... that was all it took.

    Thank you, Bic, for this ingenious device! After a few days of using his new pen the changes started. He started cooking, cleaning, offering to take me shopping. The shopping trip is what tipped the scales. He decided he wanted some new clothes as well. I was surprised when he came back to the dressing room with some lovely clothing for me to try on and he insisted coming in the room wiyh me. However, the clothes weren't for me!!! He started to undress and low and behold I found my fantasy had come true! He took off his shirt and his chest hair had disappeared...he had grown a nice pair of tits! He pulled off his pants and his penis had shriveled up and fallen off and left were lady parts...just like mine!!!! You see, I was thrilled because for all my life I've been hiding that I was a lesbian, but I truly loved my husband. He honestly didn't mind that his manliness had been overtaken by a feminine body... and I owe this all to that pretty little pink pen!

    Once Daniel had become Danielle, I was truly fulfilled and happy. For only $4.99, my man became my woman. So much cheaper than a surgical sex change. Thank you, Bic, for helping me realize my fantasy and making my Mr. a Mrs.!
  • Debra - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-inch, Wi-Fi)I absolutely love this tablet and use it every day!!! We use it for an outdoor game we play called geocaching and really love looking at the maps on its large screen. The fact that it works exactly like my Samsung Galaxy S-III phone made it perfect for me. I received the tablet from the seller in great time and the shipping was perfect. I would definitely recommend the tablet again and again!
  • Richard Durante - Great budget space!Bought this to replace (or add to) my Western Digital 2TB unit.

    I process, store and archive a lot of 10-bit HD footage and it's been taking up a lot of disc space on my WD drive. Seagate's 4TB Expansion drive is cheap and does the job.

    Might even be a lot more quieter than my WD drive too!
  • Surfer Dude - Great Purchase!Received this a birthday gift and I love it... I know it isn't the "real" thing but if your like me and don't want to spend a ton a money on a espresso machine or pay Starbucks $5 at a time then you will love this machine. I have a Tassimo, but the taste of their lattes was not up to par. You can use espresso or regular coffee and you make it the way you want it and making hot chocolate isn't too bad either. I definitely recommend this product.