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  • vinluan5 - Absolute great product.I have been having a hard time with fleas on my cats and dog. I've tried all those expensive flea products to no avail. I received this product today and immediately sprayed the dog down. I saw all the fleas dying on contact, I combed him with a flea comb about an hour later and absolutely no fleas. The dead ones just fell off him, there was also no flea dirt. I'm trying in the cats now, but already am impressed. The smell is actually a good air freshener for the house as every thing got sprayed. My only complaint is that upon receiving my shipment the bottle arrived half full. I've contacted customer service, but I was desperate to try it.
  • gudnold - Keep giving my book awayI have a terrible time keeping this book. I keep giving it away to people with bowel problems and children with mild forms of ADD or ADHD. And, I need another one to give to a couple of doctors I know. Unfortunately, I always stop the diet too soon, and the symptoms start back again in a couple of months. This time I will stay on the diet a full year, and add back s-l-o-w-l-y.
  • Dashanzi "Split Second Timing" - It doesn't get any better than thisSade is an exceptional artist, and we are very lucky that she came out of retirement to make music again and share this live concert performance. Her band is first-rate and the dvd production values are exceptional. I highly recommend the it to anyone that appreciates soulful and beautiful music, sung from the heart. Sade's artistry is timeless.
  • Barbara Rose - How did I miss this?I don't know how I missed this product ~ I'm always checking out products on Amazon, plus I suscribe to all kinds of sites related to the issues of retired (okay ..."older") women. Anyhow, my daughter in law bought this for me as a surprise, knowing that I still have relentless hot flashes, and I'm loving it! It may be a little cumbersome, and it does have a slight plastic-y odor, but it works SO WELL, I sure don't care. I agree with the lady who said having 2 of them is a good idea. I woke up yesterday morning at 3:20 a.m. to use the bathroom, and my Chillow was getting slightly warm, so if I had a spare in the closet, that would help. For about $25.00 that's a bargain for me. Personally I love, and I highly recommend it.
  • Mary E. Larrimore - Fascinating read!!!Diana Gabaldon is "on top" of this time traveler series. The level of research on history, herbal and natural healing, life in the 18th century, superstitutions and a focus on honor, trust, helping others and true love is mind boggling. Was introduced to the series in 1995 and have read all 7 - and sure hope no.8 is coming out this year. For a long time I promised myself that I would start at the beginning and read them back to back - and will begin the final one tomorrow. Quite a summer read as they are each about 950 pages! An awesome story: believable, engaging - even better the second time around as you don't "lose" the heart of the story but the details stand out and grab your attention again.