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  • TamandAl - Great hose...I read all the awful reviews....but, mine works so well that I bought another. I don't get it. I have a new house that has pressure regulators on the spigots. Maybe that keeps the pressure down? Go to Wally World and pick up a couple of cheap RV water hose regulators. They keep the pressure down. I've had my 2 Pocket Hoses a few weeks and they work just great. I take care of them, by keeping them in the garage and I empty them out after each use, and they work great for me, whether alone or connected to make 1 100' hose. I'm very happy so far. Maybe I got lucky. Twice.
  • Rosemarie - Great inspiration to healthGreat explanation and brilliant recipes to inspire you and give you hope for getting back on track to health! Follow the book but always listen to your doctor and keep taking your medications. The help this book may offer is additional and not instead of your medication.
  • Pack Mom - I love this thing!This thing works very well for me. It does stop if much pressure is applied but I believe that that is a safety feature. Significant pressure using the sandpaper disk probably wouldn't be harmful but pressure with the filing plate could definetly cause an jury in my opinion. Repeatedly going very lightly over the calloused area worked very well for me. One treatment and my feet felt great. I do not, however, have heavily calloused feet.
  • Luci Blace - Fast, Fun, Addictive, Awesome!I do a lot of HPDE's, so I have some actual experience on track in various cars. I'm impressed by the simulation of F1 2012, it's way better than 2011. The car handles much more realistically, the graphics and sound are great, and the tracks are recreated wonderfully. I bought a Logitech G27 racing wheel to go with it and the whole package is just awesome.

    Here are the pros and cons:

    - Very realistic handling characteristics
    - Good implementation of wet weather handling and weather overall
    - Career mode is fun and addictive (you do practice, qualifying, and the race)
    - With the racing wheel, you can really develop a feel for the cars and the tracks
    - The game really captures the strategy and feel of F1... I was in qualifying and it was slightly rainy so I put in a hot lap in Q1 and came into the pits. I plummeted to 18th and went back out, but the weather had gotten worse, so it took everything I had to squeak through in 17th spot with my final flying lap. It was intense!

    - Trail braking is a little weird, I expect to get oversteer, but always get understeer
    - Entering/exiting the pits is really weird. You drive like you're on rails and its jerky. It breaks the immersive feel of the game and isn't up the the level of detail of the rest of the game.
    - When you enter a flying lap or do some of their scenario challenges, they transition controls to you at speed and sometimes in the middle of a corner. These transitions just don't work sometimes and it's annoying. They really need to hand the controls over when you're going straight at full throttle or something so you don't get a jerky transition.
  • anc108 - I'm looking for to the 1st book of many!I stumbled across Matt on youtube about a few weeks ago and I've being soaking up all of his knowledge every since! I'm recently back on the dating scene with a whole new perspective on life and Matt has definitely been influential in my journey. I hope I win a free copy of this book to learn about the techniques of dating and the secrets of men. (Lol :-))

    Thanks Matt and good luck on your new adventure!