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  • Phill Bryant - Easy to installInstalled these on my 2012 CRV in less than 10 minutes. Very simple instructions and very durable materials. Purchased this at a fraction of the cost the dealership was attempting to charge me and seriously? $70 to have it installed? Pop a few screw covers and have an allen wrench or driver and 10 minutes later you're all set.
  • BelNus - Breaking the Vicious CycleWe got this book from the library along with several other books on the subject. The other books were slicker, more professional looking, so we left this one for last to look through. It reviewed several medical problems that did not concern us, but when we got to the general description of how the digestive process works and what can go wrong with simple what to do about it suggestions and recipes - well, then we found we could not do without this book and had to buy it. We use is regularly now. By the way, we too are more regular.
  • Gripweed - So far so goodI usually am one to try to get the latest and greatest but in this case I decided to go with something that is reliable and cheap. The 2013 version of this product was already out but I chose (in Dec. 2012) to purchase the 2012 version at a huge discount. I did my research and found out that for the most part the 2012 version got rave reviews and passed the AV tests with flying colors. Looking at the 2013 version, it is not that much different. I can't remember the particulars but whatever the added features were I didn't feel I needed them at a higher price. The two versions use exactly the same malware database so if one version spots a virus, the other one will also. So far I'm very happy with the program. It found a few minor nasties initially that my previous AV didn't spot and it's been quiet ever since. I'm not noticing any slowdown or other problems that AVs are sometimes known to cause. I got a good deal.
  • A. Lily Sanchez - Great Tablet!Great tablet. We all love it. There is just one little issue. I purchase it for my daughter, so it is registered in her name. Because of that I am not able to play EA games because they do not let you have another account on the Kindle Fire. Mind you, I am the one that makes most purchases, and it uses MY bank account. They have no problem with who is paying the bill. Although, this is not a Kindle issue, but an EA games issue, as I discussed it with an EA representative. Enjoy the Kindle Fire. It is a great tablet. Love Amazon! (so far) Hope this does not go to their heads. Keep the humility Amazon, it is a great virtue.