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  • Chicago Reader - Make your life easy!I started my own business last year and had been keeping all my expenses on Excel - I didn't know any better. A friend with a similar business recommended that I purchase Quick Books.
    I now download my bank statements automatically, match each line to a receipt and post directly to my ledger.
    My month end reconciliation now takes 5 to 10 minutes rather than several hours! Plus I can accurately see all my income and expenses.
    Quick Books has definitely make my life easier.
  • iLLuSiOn - Blew me away!Steve Jobs once said that 7" screen is too small to do anything productive. I am glad he changed his mind.

    iPad Mini is a perfect sized tablet for casual users like me who use the device to browse, facebook, do online shopping, check emails, and play games like Temple run. iOS also makes it perfect for my son who gets to learn his ABC and numbers with several apps available in the iTunes store.

    The Wi-Fi sync feature is my favorite - something that allows me to keep my music in sync without finding cables and connecting to my laptop. iCloud is a perfect service for keeping my photos backed up - especially when my little one learns a new trick and decides to suddenly show it to us :-)
  • S. Kittle - An Excellent Resource for Single Ladies!I highly recommend this book to any single lady trying to figure out how to get the guy. Hussey does a great job in explaining the type of high value you should strive to be and what exactly men look for in a woman in the first place. He writes in a very simple, easy-to-read way, which is great if you're looking for a fast read. That's not to say, however, the insight he provides is overly simplified - he gives you some stuff to really think about, even some stuff you may have not ever known. I also really appreciated the fact that he doesn't come from the position that you have standards that are "too high" or that you need to change you looks; rather he comes from the position that you need to enrich your life to become the best you and in so doing attract someone to the life you've developed. I could go on and on about the things I've learned from this book, but I'll leave it at you won't be disappointed! This is an indispensable resource for single women!
  • Brenda McCreight - I Kissed Dating GoodbyeMy teenage daughter begged me to buy her this book for Christmas. She was looking for ways to stand up to peer pressure and this book gave her the support and validation she needed to stick to her own values and make the decisions that were best for her.

    As an adult reading it, I found it well written and the values are presented in a way that doesn't come across as "preachy" to resistant adolescents nor does it speak down them. It also gave me a tool to use to talk with my daughter more about this sensitive issue and to give her an avenue to express her own feelings to me.

    I highly recommend this book.