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  • Ronald G. Williams "Ron" - Outstanding lensI spent a great deal time studying the different manufactures lens' and talked to a number of "better" photographers than myself. The bottom line was I sprung for the few extra dollors and got the Canon. I have been extremely pleased with this lens a if I had to do it over again, I would just get the Canon. I'm sure the other lense are great but I'm happy I got this one and I use it as a general lens more than I thought I would. The Pictures are superb. Prior to this lens, I got the 70-300 IS DO canon lens when I couldn't get a 70-300 IS last summer before trip to Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and go on a Safari. For me the extra money was worth it for the the smaller size and truly outstanding pictures. All of this from a prior Nikon user. And to think I was breath away from getting the Nikon 70 instead of the Canon Rebal XT.
  • Thomas Baggett - Super nice small tabletI've had this for over a year and have used it for entertainment and reading. It is very easy to use to download your favorite games and books from both amazon and google. The games are easy to launch and use with the interactive touch screen. I've read several books and really enjoy the interface design for turning and marking pages. In bright sunlight I have to turn the screen brightness up a little for reading. I have travelled with this all over the country and taken it on airplanes when I was visiting Canada and it was great to have along on a long flight.
    Streaming movies is easy and the sound quality is fantastic along with the image and motion qualities of the screen.
    Another great feature is Autorip from amazon that allows you to download any music that you purchase from them to your device for free if it has that feature enabled on your purchase. I have a great music library without have to purchase everything as mp3.
    Overall this is a great tablet for anyone that wants a small touch screen computer.