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  • Charles77598 - Very informative GuideI have always trusted Birnbaum's Guides. I have used one for my Disney trips as I trust it for updated and accurate information. I can turn to what I looking for such as a theme park or dining and be very knowledgeable by the time I arrive. I never read everything in the Guide because I am not a big reader, but I can thumb through and pull what information I need when I need it. Birnbaum's guide is the best Guide on Walt Disney World that I have found since the 80's.

    I do love the fact, I can get this through Amazon and in a timely manor. With book stores so few and far between, it was a pleasure to order online from home and receive it at home.
  • Kam - Excellent, flexible tabletI had a long look at all the tablets before purchasing Asus Prime. I actually waited for the new iPad to be released before making the final decision.

    In the end I decided to buy Prime rather than new iPad and I am very happy with my choice. Additional keyboard, flexibility of ICS and being able to connect external HDD are something not that easily done on iPad.

    I can easily recommend Prime to anyone wanting to get the best value and flexibility for money.
  • Geezer - Three stars for looks and we'll wait and see...Got this at a thrift store today for a buck ninety nine. Never saw one before so looked it up online to find out about the strange green pan and found Amazon has them in different sizes and that most people think they're crap. I use cast iron skillets for most frying and I know allot of people don't like the weight of them but to me they're the only way to go for stove or cookout frying. I'll give it a few tries and see for myself before hating on it like most everyone here. There really is no true non-stick fry pan out there honestly no matter what sales pitch you get. You know that, right? Especially when most people fry on too high a heat and destroy most any pan they can get. I see some mention a break-in seasoning necessary by the manufacturer but while this one looks brand new, it didn't come with any documentation so I guess maybe I'll season it like my cast irons and just try it and see.


    As noted in my review title, I gave this pan 3 stars at first more because I thought it looked cool and hadn't used it enough having just got it to give it a more critcal rating at the time. Using this fry pan at a backyard cookout last week and getting asked if I liked it by one of my guests reminded me that I had an Amazon review I promised to update after I'd used it for awhile. Using my thrift store find Orgreenic for over 3 months now has caused me to upgrade my initial 3 star rating to 5 stars. Simply put, this is absolutely the best fry pan I've ever used. I've used it indoors on my electric kitchen range, outdoors on the grill, and on a grate cooking over an open fire and except for one small pin-point scratch I caused myself with a metal pan cover, the cooking finish still looks brand new and is the best "non-stick" type cooking pan I own. People who have food stick in this pan are either cooking on too high a heat level unattended or simply don't know how to cook. It's unequivocally the best egg pan I've ever used and I've used it to pan fry everything from fish filets to tossed roasted peppers and onions to a self concocted pan fry chicken cordon bleu recipe I have with no burning or sticking what so ever. Liking the Orgreenic so much, I'm shopping this week for at least one or more pieces in different sizes. I'll most assuredly have to pay full shot the other pans but in my opinion it will be money well spent. If you now how to cook and don't blame the equipment for your ineptness in the kitchen, you'll probably like one of these Orgreenic pans as well.
  • Annie - I LOVE IT (:I ordered a case for my macbook because I just wanted it for college this fall. When I came across this color, I fell in love. At first I was a bit iffy about what color it actually was and if online ordering was safe. It shipped to me 3 days after I ordered it. (Just like it said it would..) I was also thought that it was for a very good price considering it came with the keyboard cover and a screen protector. When I received it, I was so anxious to open it. I got a little confused snapping the case on but it fit perfectly. The silicone keyboard cover is beautiful. Sometimes I have to hit caps lock twice for it to work but overall I can deal with it. I'm so glad I bought this product and I plan on purchasing more colors ! I LOVE IT (:
  • Universa1ove - Yeah, it's not the easiest on the palate...I'm a total wiener when it comes to things not tasting good...I just can't get it down. BUT, I found a way around this - I decided to split it up - one scoop in the morning and one for lunch time...I mix it with water, a few ice cubes and a piece of fruit and blend it up in the blender. Voila! No grittiness, the bad taste is masked by the fruit and the consistency is much smoother. Plus, added fruit :) LOVE this product, I have been on it for a few days now and I have never felt better in my life! So full of energy, motivation and LIFE!