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  • Anna D. - Fantastic product!I can't say enough about how great this seat is- it has changed mealtimes for the better for our family, both at home and when we go out.
    First, it is incredibly easy to attach to tables, and it's light enough for us to take with us when we go out. Our 9-mo old is small and doesn't fit well in those wooden restaurant high chairs (we would inevitably end up passing her backand forth on our laps), so this is perfect. She very happily will sit through the meal now and eat along with us, in her own chair.
    More importantly, our baby is so comfortable in this- it allows her to sit upright, close to the table. The seat is padded and the back is snug, but there is plenty of room for her as she gets bigger.
    I use it at home, attached to the kitchen countertop, where she happily plays while I cook. I wasn't able to cook with her in the kitchen before because she lost patience in the regular high chair after about 5 min. Now, she is up at eye level and can see what's going on.
    It is a quality product, obviously well made and sturdy. Convenient, portable, looks nice/stylish.
    I never write reviews, but felt this warranted one because it has been such a game changer, making our lives much easier!
  • famlyslave "famlyslave" - ExcellentMy daughter's doctor tells us he believes she has IBS, (how's that for a diagnosis?! But that's another story!) and this product seems to help with her digestive issues. She definitely notices the difference when she is not taking them. Although they are a bit pricey, it's worth it to see that it's helping her.