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  • This Girl Hemingway "Great Days Ahead" - Just use it as a back up onlyI have a 250gig Seagate Free Agent Go for maybe 2 years now, I work off of that one and it is still going strong. so I bought this for larger space and to have a solid backup. I had the GoFlex but did not care for the vibration of the Flexible case material. This is solid and I so far have only used as back up, but am sure if I ever lose the 250gig I will switch to this one for daily use.

    I store NOTHING on my laptop, as a Traveler I freaked out at the airport When the porter walked away with my computer bag to take it to security and then it was behind a wall and I could not see the bag. Luckily I did not lose the computer, but with all the thefts in airports would YOU trust your data out their? Bank information, Statements, addresses etc etc,,,, you could have bank accounts drained by the time you got to your destination.

    These two small drives fit in one Drive Logic DL-64 Portable EVA Hard Drive Carrying Case, for less than $10, and then I can keep it on my person at all times. I have been putting it in a backpack lately, or if traveling light a small cross the shoulder bag. I would NEVER pack in the Suitcase, even with the TSA locks I recently purchased.

    Security 1st, and I now travel without the Anxiety and fretting and Nerves!!!!!
  • Surge "eager college student" - Glad most of the 2012 errors are fixedMain reason I purchased this is because of the many errors in the 2012 version. Glad most of them are fixed for this version. The paper and print quality is better than 2012. And I have noticed subtle changes that have been made, probably improvements based on feedback on the previous exam. I would recommend people to buy the latest version and not save just a little by purchasing an older version. However, if you are a first year medical student, buy an old one and in January when the new one comes out buy that.
  • Tiffani S. - The Thrill of All Thrills!I love this book! it's so gripping & keeps you on the edge of your seat! It's one of those books you cannot put down! I love how there are two parts in the book, and each part has you feeling different ways about the characters. There are a few twists & unexpected turns that have you screaming OUT LOUD in shock/ Disbelief/anger, what have you. If you love a great Thriller, get this book!
  • joshua brown - I'm addicted to itRemembering the game from when I was a kid, I downloaded the new version and find that when I do play it, I loose track of time. Disappointed in record keeping as errors aren't taken into account when charging runs against your ERA. A bad defensive team can kill your ERA. And God forbid anyone gets a hit down the line. Every hit down the line is either foul or an out.
  • jobuthecat "jtc" - Great for breath, great for diets!It does what it says. It gets rid of bad breath. Even really bad breath. It also does what people complain about. It dulls your taste buds for a little while. Why people would complain about that I can't understand. It's great for diets. Rinse with it just before going to a party.:) you will have pleasant breath, and less desire to pig out on fatty apps!!