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  • LunaLovejoy - Great productMitt Romney, the touchstone of what is good and appropriate for women, said he received "binders of women" for upper-management jobs during his time as Governor, so I thought: what the heck? If binders are good for Mitt Romney, I'm going to follow suit. I certainly can't make these decisions independently, because I'm a woman. In all of his years of management, he apparently hadn't met ONE WOMAN that he felt was qualified for male-oriented jobs while he ran Bain Capital. So, of course he sent out his men to scour the countryside to find some good, qualified women for his cabinet, and gave Mitt Romney binders of them. It makes sense to me that he had no network of women to choose from, because he believes so strongly in the "two-parent household" model. According to Mitt Romney's opinion that is so similar to God's, my limited world-view, and my fear of retribution from male family members--women are meant to stay at home and cook dinner for their families, so need flexible schedules that men do not, therefore women shouldn't get equal pay. According to Mitt Romney's lack of support for equal pay for women, he must just think women are better off at home with their kids and the men have to support their families, so deserve a higher pay. That makes sense to this simple woman. I don't really care about all of that, it will work out when we finally all have jobs that Mitt Romney will provide for our country, somehow magically.

    It's all about putting it in perspective, you know?

    P.S. These binders have nothing to do with Mitt Romney and are perfectly good products.
  • Sherri - Perfect for my IBSI take one every morning and it keeps my IBS-C in check! The gas pains have lessened and my BMs are more regular. Of course this isn't a miracle pill, you still have to maintain a healthy diet, eat a lot of fiber and drink plenty of water for optimal results. I also take peppermint pills and drink aloe juice which all works very good. I no longer have to take Amitiza which made me feel dizzy & high (in a bad way). Thank you align!
  • Lewis Buchner - Useful for single mom storage, keeps AK47s from kids!Being a resourceful man, I bought three of these Avery Durable View binders and have had no problem filling them with women. There are plenty of single moms in every community who need a man in their life to keep things in order.

    As a gun owner, I know that the only real solution to gun violence is to force single moms to control their kids. So I have been able to provide a secure living environment for about 47 women in each Avery binder, including their rowdy kids, and now they can't get to my closet of AK47s. Problem solved. Remember, guns don't kill people, kids of single moms do!
  • edad3 - Very insightful and usefulThe first quarter of the book is a little slow and repetitious. Then Kay loosens up, adds a little humor, and hits his stride. No man is more open and candid and that is essential to the success of the book. He gives practical advise and keeps focus: "men want sex, this is how to get it." I am a little surprised feminists don't picket his house though.