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  • maryanncello@yahoo.com - Packed full of informationI can't imagine a more comprehensive travel guide. This book contains everything. From the big attractions to the unbeaten trails, Rick Steves has compiled a guide that covers it all. It even has a french-english dictionary including all the need-to-know words and phrases. If a traveler has this, they won't need anything else.
  • mike - Dirty Wars is one of three books one needs to really know what is going on in the world todayI knew i had a great book when the first thing i started reading about was when an american teenager with his cousin on the side of the road having a cookout were droned to smithereens by the us military, by obama. i have spent my whole life attempting to seek the truth by taking the red pill and jumping down the rabbit hole. It takes a toll and you are traumatized for life. But what else are we here on this planet for except to learn to do the right thing and not shrink from the lies we are bombarded with and to shine a light on them? This book does this like 'All Quiet on the Western Front' does, or the "Pentagon Papers' has done. or "Johnny Get Your Gun and 'Addicted to Militarism' by Joel Andreas...After reading this book you will not be the same. You will look at the flag differently, you will look at yourself differently and you will have grown immensely.. You will then, hopefully, accept that now you must spread the truth of what you've learned....Do it.
  • winter-fritz "winter-fritz" - All in all...this is, possibly the best album ever. And if you feel it is too depressing then maybe you should eat a lollipop or something, anything to make you feel better. because, lets face it, you have to be already depressed to feel depressed about this album. several great songs on hear, almost all of them a great actually. many of these songs have been played on the radio to death but there are other songs not on the radio that are great too. SCREW YOU ONE STAR REVEIWERS!
  • Sylwia Gazdzinska - The one and only!The best and easiest to use nasal aspirator for babies. I cannot part with it even during summer vacations because there is no such product on the market that is so effective in cleaning baby's nose. During severe cold season it saved my life and gave my son good night sleep with minimum "torture" which was holding him still for a moment to suck his nose. With little effort much goes. It works as a charm and does not harm a baby. My son even likes it. Finally I did not have to hold him still for an hour to clean his nose during cold, few seconds and job was done. Thank you!!
  • Patricia Arringdale "Busy retiree" - Reluctant user reviewI was reluctant to give up my comfortable paper backs for an electronic (artificial, cold) gadget but I received one as a gift. It is so convenient, no more struggling with folded books, no more heavy hard covered books
    ..it fits in my purse and travels with me everywhere. No glare so I can read outside..can't say enough. My husband continually borrowed it so I made him buy his own.