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  • J. Eggler "Jay" - Demarini CF4 ROCK the houseMy 10 year old boy has had this bat now for 9 months and it just keeps getting better. He is the lead off hitter for his team and this bat is keeping him furm in that spot. This bat has mor pop thean any other I have seen. other bats do not even have a chance keeping up. My boy has composit bats from Easton and Louisville Slugger and they are only used when its cold out. I asked my boy why he uses those for practice in the cold and he stated. "Dad you told mee that they could crack if I ysed them in the cold and I don't care about these bats". I asked him why he didn't care as they cost big $ as well. Dad he said, " I Love My CF4 and do not want to take a chance on it"

    This CF4 just keeps getting better and Better, just last weekend my boy went 12 for 12 as the lead off smashing 10 blistering shots strait up the middle, I thought I heard one of the balls crying as it went to the fence. This bat has been just simply outstanding and tough, it gets tossed around and the other teams catcher always picks it up to look at it.

    Just get the right size for you and you can't go wrong with this bat!
  • Amy Deseno "amyd1184" - Perfect gift for avid readers, or those who can't find the time to readI recieved the Kindle for my birthday and it is definitely one of the best gifts I ever recieved. I am a highschool chemistry teacher & a coach so I find that I have zero time to sit and read. This has solved that problem! Whether I am in line at a store or waiting for a doctors appointment, I have my kindle in my purse so I can read anywhere! Its worth the price if you love to read because the books are at a discounted price. Some books are cheaper than others but none-the-less they are still cheaper than if you bought it at a bookstore. Yes, the buttons are a little sensitive but its something that you get used to. It comes with a cover so its protected while its in my purse (thank goodness!), but the kindle seems to be indestructable (knock-on-wood). I would recomed it for avid readers or those, like myself, who love to read but cant find the time.
  • tingliucs - Almost Perfect!This book contains great review chapters and practice tests. The review chapters are thorough, and the practice tests are accurate.

    Some people point out that there are only 2 practice tests for each level. Well, you can find 2 more from College Board, and a bunch more from Barron's. The more, the better.

    Before you take the actual SAT Math Level 2 exam, please make sure you are almost done with Precalculus, let's say, no earlier than May of that year.