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  • George - Slow to learnWhen I recieved the product I immediately began to add all of my accounts. The set up process was easy, but learning how to actually use it was partially annoying. It took me at lease 6 times to set up my auto loan to show the current balance and to get an accurate pay off date. Other than that I am still using this product and it is very helpul in tracking your expenses.
  • Jeannie L - Finally won the battle over frizz!I have thick, wavy, somewhat coarse hair that frizzes, especially in humidity. I have tried all sorts of products, both drugstore and salon, and I keep coming back to DevaCurl. This makes my hair very soft, defines the waves, and best of all, NO FRIZZ! I hardly have to use additional product in my hair, so my hair doesn't feel weighed down. Instead, it's shiny and bouncy.
  • marmar - Ms. SkepticalTo tell you the truth,I was very skeptical at first. I listened to the 1 minute transformation CD and I tried the methods they suggested to "transform" my daughter, but nothing worked. However, the further I got into the program, the more insite I got on what was going on inside my daughters head. There is a lot of information and lessons to go through, and you have to take your time to make it work. But it does work.
    HOWEVER, the company selling this product, LEGACY PUBLISHING COMPANY are scam artists at best. They give you this whole line of garbage on how you can get it for free if you fill out some sort of evaluation within 60 days, but when you call them to ask for the evaluation form, they give you a line of bull saying that you didn't buy it under those conditions, and since you didn't return it within 30 days, you are going to have to pay the whole shot. Which is a lot of money for a few CD's and a workbook. I have tried many times to talk to them on the phone, and even went to visit them personally to show them the paperwork that I had proving that I had bought it under that pretense, and had filled out a online evaluation sent to my e-mail from the Total Transformation website itself, and they just ignored me.
    I've learned the hard way. I should have known better. Nothing is FREE, and I should have researched it online before purchasing it because from what I have read {after the fact} that I'm not the only one who has been ripped off by them. BUYER BEWARE!
  • Millersdad - Clear, concise instructions make this easy, if you're comfortable doing this sort of thing.Simply put, it was time for me to "go Apple".
    I had upgraded and assembled many PC's in various form factors. Never had I worked on something as compact as the Mac Mini.
    Prior to deciding if I was up to the challenge (and willing to risk ending up with a brick) I watched videos and reviewed my options. The OWC Data Doubler Kit appeared to meet my needs and was well rated. I went for it. First attempt was less than successful. I reassembled my mini, fired it up and got a flashing X. not good. Re-opened and double checked and saw where the attachment connector from the hard drive to the board had popped loose. I tried reseating everything, making sure all components were seated properly. The connector was still a very tight fit with no extra "give" but it worked! I've had zero issues and love the speed provided by the SSD i installed and the mac mini working in "hybrid drive" mode.
    If you like the idea of having an apple and keeping their warranty and have the money, buy it straight from Apple, configured to your liking. I wanted the extra speed provided by an SSD but my wallet wasn't deep enough for Apple. Yes, I also maxed out the memory via second source memory cards. Again, far less expensive than Apple. They are a bit too proud of their memory upgrades and SSD hard drives for my wallet. I don't fault them for getting what they can. Their stuff is top-notch, but paying them 2-3 times the price of what I can do it for? I do give them credit for the easy access in their latest mini's as compared to the older ones where it was basically a sealed unit that had to be carefully pried apart to simply upgrade the memory. Now it's simply a "flip(over), twist(the base cover) and pop(the base cover off) and the memory is staring at you. OWC Data Doubler is a well assembled, well constructed kit. Take your time when doing it. Review their online tutorials (several times) and if an option, do as I did; Had my laptop set up next to me and queued their video, pausing it as I worked on each step. Made it simple and me more comfortable I was hitting the mark at each step along the way.