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  • Kevin Macke - great book with a real problemI've read and enjoyed all of the Robert Langdon novels by dan brown. Though this is not the best of the series, it is definitely worth the read. It also involves a problem that is little discussed but probably should be discussed. That is: overpopulation.

    This one is lacking in talking about various symbols like the other works did. But it really doesn't take away from the story or the character.

    I recommend you read it.
  • Philip Kahn "tigerhawkvok" - Fantastic TabletI've had my Transformer for three days (and, in fact, am composing this review on the tablet!) and I must say I'm blown away. It's fast, smooth, beautiful; it has all the best aspects of a tablet along with the ability to create and be productive that a laptop has; I can't say anything bad about it. Newer firmware revisions (or changes in the hardware manufacturing process) have eliminated the GPS problem -- honestly, indoors, this gets better GPS reception than my T-Mobile HTC G2.

    Something that may not be totally clear is the way that the charging works on the keyboard. When the tablet is slid into the keyboard dock, the keyboard charges the main tablet battery -- so when you un-dock, your tablet is actually more charged than when you started. Fantastic!

    Also, this screen is drop-dead gorgeous. It's pulling in at 160 DPI, which while not Apple's "retina", it's a fair sight better than standard monitors (my 24" 1080p monitor is about 96 DPI).

    Get it. You won't regret it.
  • B. Craig - This book establishes the foundationRemember to buy the latest edition of this book because it is updated to the current economic condition.

    I read "Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type" and all it did is confirm my personality type which I knew. Also, that book only gave a broad list of occupations for my personality type. I have a better chance at spinning the wheel on the Price is Right.

    What color is your Parachute gives a detail by detail approach to the most effective way to find a job. It is a book in which you need to do exercises and write a lot. Follow each step and do the assignments. It comes from within you on your path. This book allows you to pull out your inner self (like Do what you are) and then tells you how to job hunt on top of that.

    The best book I read on the market. Make sure you complete the assignments throughout the book though.
  • Jonnyboy300 - Great Product - Recommend it for ANY Mac!When I got my Mac I was nervous about the Microsoft Office programs because I was going into Business Degree and now for an accounting degree, so i know that this program would be vital. My sister has the old version of Office (the 2008) and it just looked AWFUL to me. So when I watched a video about the new 2011 one it looked almost identical to the PC version, so that's why I bought the 2011.

    Overall there have been two classes that I have run into problems on this program with Excel, Computerized accounting 1 and 2. The book is specifically for a PC so you pretty much are STUCK doing it on a PC because some of the stuff was not in the same spot. Other then those two classes, however, just general use for classes like: financial and managerial accounting, governmental accounting, or principals of finance the program worked great making journal entries or making financial statements.

    Word is great! Writing papers, memos, letters, flyers: you name it, it worked just perfectly! One also very cool feature I love about this on Mac is the different layout views including full screen and the notebook layout view. The notebook layout view is Perfect for taking notes in class! It looks just like a notebook sheet of paper.

    PowerPoint is Amazing! There is so many cool things you can do on the Mac version and if you save the presentation to a flash drive the slide show will play the same on a PC. So let your imagination go WILD!

    Overall- All the features that are found in the PC version may not be found in the Mac version but there is one question...How often will you use these features?! Even with my 2 classes that I cant use for Mac I still like the Mac Version better. The Mac Version is great and very well organized. After leaning the basics of these programs you will love it too!
  • Bel "Bel" - Ottolenghi the cookbookOttolenghi
    I recently purchased Ottolenghi as a friend had also recently purchased it & I kept borrowing it. I now have my own copy - it is the best cookbook Iv'e every used. I love fresh ingredients & making meals from scratch with the best ingredients. This book is a great crowd pleaser & healthy too. Enjoy.