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  • debrah fasolo - Life Code by Dr. Phil McGrawThis book really nails it. The information in it is priceless. I am 59 yrs. old and think every one of all ages should read this. I bought this book since I am a caregiver of 10 yrs and moved back to my home state. (I was in Florida for 33 yrs) Therefore being a caregiver I don't have very much opportunity to get to meet people for friends. But most of the people that I have met I walk away wondering "things" about them most of the time. This book gives you a fantastic insight of what to watch for and the red flags. I have highlighted things in it as well as using dividers for easy reference. I think everyone should read this because there are so many baiters (a term Dr. Phil uses) in this world. Wise up, get the book and learn how not to be taken advantage of.
  • Vermyn - Our clients were super impressed and I may be on my way to VPI am a business manager of a successful Boston law firm and, as such, am counted on to mail out impressive holiday gifts to our top clients. Gone are the days when Harry and David impressed the titans of industry. Now they expect fine French wines, imported cheeses, Cuban cigars and the like. Nothing pedestrian will do. After last year's live "Swan in a Box," debacle I realized that I had to downright awe our clients this year to reamin employed ... and I developed a debilitating case of acid reflux worrying about what to send. But then my doctor mentioned TUSCAN MILK. He'd received a gallon from a drug rep and raved on and on about it. The rich buttery flavor and distinctive milky nose .... Well, I sent out over 50 gallons to our VIPs and the accolades have been pouring in. These are high-wealth individuals who pretty much can afford most anything but never would consider lavishing themselves with a gallon on milk. That we cared enough to do so really cemented the relationship between them and my law firm. And may be my ticket to full VP, by the way. Thanks Tuscan Milk!
  • Janet B. Zehr "Janet" - lots of laughs and some tearsI've always been a Billy Crystal fan, and this book was really a delight, after some of the heavier ones I've read lately. It's easy to identify with him, as I am in the same age bracket and I remember lots of the movies and TV shows he talks about, against the background of his personal life. How refreshing, to read about a man who is still married to the same girl he met when he was 18, and is still deeply in love with her! (Especially in show business, where that is even rarer. ) His wit crackles in every chapter, even when he addresses serious subjects like the deaths of many of his family and friends, but especially when he describes all those life moments we all experience that seem frustrating at the time, but funny in retrospect, like the time when his bride got sunburned on their honeymoon and the waiter set his jacket on fire while presenting his flaming lobster entree.
    What a gift, to share Billy's life and laugh with him all the way!
  • Susan E Monroe - This is the most wonderful, beautiful book..This book is so well-written, with beautiful illustrations. I could not put it down. Now I am reading it the second time around. It is a treasure, and a book to be read over and over. Thank you, Susan and Joe, for bringing all of us on your journey; never to be forgotten. This book makes you happy with the turn of every page.