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  • Darrin cothran - Gut wrenching, and heartfelt all at the same time.One of the best books I've ever read. The characters have no names, but the narrative, and the descriptions of the life they must lead will draw you in and make you feel as though you know the man and the boy as if you had known them for years.

    The gut wrenching sympathy you feel for them when something bad befalls them, and the overwhelming joy you feel immediately when they make it out of trouble will make you keep reading page after page, long after you understand that the end of the story has been laid out in front of you all along.

    An ending that couldn't happen any other way.
  • christopher charles - Nice!!I love this tablet I just got it and I already fell in love with but if u like big get this
  • Janice P. Stoeser - Fractal TimeGreat Reading! Although the subject sometimes went a little over my head in quantum physics speak, it was a "can't-put-it-down" book, well structured and definitely thought provoking. My husband had the same reaction. Next stop, our son-in-law. I think this book will make the complete round of family and friends.
  • ViviBabyStar - Hilarious, Informative and Pretty!This book is amazing! It has recipes for pretty much the best foods you'll every want to eat.
    Not only does it have a ton of fun food ideas, I love the crafts! I'm not a super crafty person because I think crafts made at home sometimes look broke, BUT THESE ARE AMAZING! Also, so fun and easy.
    The style ideas are sooo good too. I think I'm pretty stylish, but I could be a lot better and according to Mr. Kelly, it's not that hard. There are so many good ideas in here that I never really thought of. You get the feeling that Clinton is really down-to-earth.
    Freakin Fab on a Budget is also an entertaining read-Clinton's writing is also very funny. Plus, the book is very pretty and would be a great coffee table book.
    I'm going to pick up his other books, too. AND I think friends and family will be getting this one for the holidays.
    LOVE IT!
  • Charla - Sebastian FallsI ordered Sebastian Falls from amazon and when I received it in the mail, I put down the book I was reading and immediately started this! I had heard great reviews on it and was anxious to get started. I couldn't put it down and was on chapter 17 in no time! Had to stop for the night but started back up as soon as I woke uP the next day! Was finished by noon and now I am lining it out! A must read! Can't wait for the next one by author Celeste Holloway!!