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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Trevor - Great for New and OldIf you've ever been remotely interested in this band, or even rock and grunge-y sound for that matter, then this is a must have CD. You can't really go wrong with all the great hits, crispy new songs, and fermented hidden treats of olde.

    The large variation music mixed with this bands unique taste makes for a great time that I've been coming back for year after year. However, if you're like me and have all of the previous CDs, you may be a little hearth broken when you get teased and left wanting more new material... but those moments when that euphoria hits your veins- it's bliss.

    So, by the end of it, new comers and die-hards will be thrilled and should buy this right now, but everyone in the middle will just have to judge for themselves if they want the CD or to just nit-pick single downloads from the album.
  • Darren Gatewood - Good film, a little different from the usual fare.I really enjoyed this film. They did an interesting job of combining a modern criminal investigation / medical view of the world with the classic, martial arts chi-energy we're used to the films of the genre.
  • Z. Freeman "Zach" - Proves that the printed volume will never diePrinted text has continued to sell well despite fervent claims that "print is dead," and this epic novel is a clear example of why that is. Nothing beats holding a story in your hands, especially when that story is a nonsensical collection of random numbers. Imagine trying to read all million of these random digits on a Kindle or some other mobile device! LOL! It just wouldn't make any sense!