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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 64507 Saint Joseph, Missouri

  • Pen Name - Very good seriesThis was a very good series. Very well written and thought out. The writer displayed a vast knowledge of the content to help you picture it and it was easy to be in the story not reading it over the writer's shoulder like some seem. Character's were very well developed as well. I would definitely recommend.
  • Linda - OutlanderOutlander has everything I love in a book, its a very well-written adventure-romance-time travel-historical novel. The characters are complex and surprising, the plot twists are engrossing and the history is personal and lively. The intimate relationships are both sweetly romatic and baudy. I also enjoy the medical background and the ways medicine is practiced in different times. Its kept me going so that now I'm on the 4th novel in the series. Its also a hefty chunk of writing so I really feel I'm getting my money's worth. I would highly recommend the Outlander to all my reading friends, I want to follow these characters where ever they go.
  • Jane N - Five stars for the pricePros
    - very nice high resolution (1024x600) display
    - responsive touch screen
    - microSD card slot
    - responsive to web browsing and games
    - has manual buttons for volume on the side, and 4 hardware buttons in front
    - USB connector for keyboard/mouse (though Android 2 doesn't show the mouse cursor like Android 4 does)
    - really long battery life--says 10 hours, have used it for 5 and it still seems half full

    - fairly heavy--a bit heavier than a kindle Fire, haven't weighed it exactly
    - old version of Android (v2), so a lot of newer apps won't run
    - seems to not be able to connect to a password protected wifi, but connects to wifi's without passwords
  • ethomas3281 - Wish there were more than 3 booksThis is one of the best post-apocalyptic novels I have read. The characters are well-developed, the idea is original and the author is hilarious. I'm hoping he writes another trilogy with these characters because I did not want the story to end. I'll be sad when everyone else discovers how good Hugh Howey is because then I'll have to pay more than $5 for his books.