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  • essie - My New Best FriendThis sweet little vacumm cleans my whole house in minutes. I replaced carpet with hardwood and was surprised how much fine sand/dirt the dogs brought in. Now I can whip out my Dyson and all the sand and dust bunnies dissappear. Would like a different on button, maybe a trigger or maybe one that allows you to lock it on when you want to. Took a few tries to learn how to drive it but after I mastered that...whoopie!!!
  • John S Helm - LOVE ITFirst tablet that I have bought. Does almost everything I wanted it for. I would and have recommended it to friends.
  • Vasquez Mendoza Luis Fernando "lfr6" - I have positive results 3 months after using the productI just want to say that I love this product... I've been using it for 3 months now, and I have a lot of short little hairs growing in my head... I can notice them in the front, and judging for their height, I can tell that they are new... old hairs have like 8cm, and the little ones have like 1-2cm, so I`m very happy and very close to purchasing the next 4 months supply. Thank you rogaine :D
  • Stefano Montinino "dusty books" - A Solid Movie Guide12/01/2013 10:11am Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide 2013
    I have reviewed the most recent edition (2014)and I wonder if this
    version is still available. Well, I'm still using mine,
    I go back and forth between each book.A very fine book.
    Try it, you might like it, I have for almost 40 years.
  • Laura Stevens - All my problems answered!I've been trying to avoid huge ships all my life, they're just a bit too big for me. I like my ships medium-sized, not too small but definitely not too big... not that I am sizest or anything! Anyway, over lunch I was chatting to my girl friends about a terrible time where a huge steel ship creeped up on me with big heavy chains, it was terrifying, so they told me to get this book...and my life is now complete! Even though i've moved away from the coast now, coincidently I still haven't come across a big heavy ship and I don't get nightmares of clanging metal chains anymore either, so thank you book, thank you!